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Captain Cronin Keys

Name Cronin Keys [GM]

Position Commanding Officer - USS Pioneer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender (Contact Us if incorrect or missing) Male
Species (Species/Species if Hybrid) Betazoid
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 5’9” (175cm)
Weight 250lbs (113kg)
Hair Color Black (graying)
Eye Color Black
Physical Description (Body type, Tattoos, Facial features, Hair styles, Outfit habits and if your character has different species physical features to the norm please note them.) Cronin likes a semi mohawk hairstyle, though it’s not obvious. He has a rather average body as his life in Starfleet has kept him active and a few battle scars. One scar is from the top of his right eye brow and ascending diagonally into his hairline then to the back of his head. It has caused his hair to go white along the scar. Otherwise he is in great shape and healthy thanks to Starfleet Medical Officers care over his career.


Spouse Lieutenant Ailig Keys, Human male, 42, serves as the nightwatch Helmsman of the Pioneer. Since the two were married, 8 years ago, prior to Cronin accepting the command on the condition Ailig can join him and Command stipulated that they don't work the same shift. Both agreed and Ailig transferred to the Pioneer.
Father Kole Keys
Mother Eleanor Keys

Personality & Traits

General Overview (Current states of mind, mannerisms, likes and dislikes, personality quirks and traits. Include learned languages if you wish) Being a son of the Seventh House of Courage, all his decision making is often based in courage, honor and bravery. His service in Starfleet and the wars the Federation had to endure has left a dampen on his once boldness for reasoning and sometimes caution. Cronin wants to be an explorer again as its primary purpose of Starfleet and wants to get out there to do that. Cronin enjoys discovery and the unknown, sometimes a little too much which has led to his renewed courage, honor and bravery mindset that has led to recent endangerment of himself but he has always put others first in the face of the unknown.

Betazoid, Fed Standard, some Cardassian and some Dominion; mainly Jem’Hadar due to many of the Resistance’s counterintelligence ops during the Dominion occupation of Betazed.
Strengths & Weaknesses (Please have at least 3 of each, these can be both personality and physical. Some can be both a Strength and a Weakness depending on situation.) Along with several injuries sustained in the Dominion War that may have damaged his extrasensory organs. This has affected how efficiently he can pick up active and passive thoughts and emotions. One of those injuries was leg related resulting in a slight hitch in his gait.
The scar on his head sometimes feels painful when he experiences strong emotions since heat mostly leaves from the head it makes it feel like it is burning.
He is a little impatient when having to wait for others to do their jobs or tasks, he has been working on it but has simply walked away to cool off.
He would put his life on the line for friends and those under his command, he does try to minimise risk to himself but puts others before him. It doesn’t always work out to plan which is why he has been injured several times.
Unlike his impatience, his desire to help others achieve their potential in their chosen fields by allowing them to both be trusted to do their job and to fail at tasks that seem to elude them. It’s a battle within him that he has struggled to keep to himself on a few occasions but luckily sorted those situations out later.
Ambitions (What does your character wants to achieve at the time of joining the crew of the Pioneer.) One day he will return to Betazed and teach in the Seventh House of Courage the lessons he has learned. He already achieved his other goals in life.
Hobbies & Interests (What activities does your character like doing while off-duty? What does your character have a passion for that may led to an activity?) Puzzles have always been fun and a way to focus his mind if and when time allows for it during stressful times. Sometimes participating in various holonovel genres helps his mind seek alternatives where there may be hidden or none readily available. He does get lost in them when he is having too much fun.

Personal History & Career (Starfleet or Civilian)

Personal History (How did your character grow up? Did your character do any civilian jobs or travel before applying to Starfleet Academy? Is your character's species a Federation member? Where did your character attend Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Schooling? Did your character live on their world or live amongst the stars? At what age did they start Starfleet Academy if they did?) Cronin was born into the Keys family in 2350, they are active members of the Seventh House of Courage. Though a heavy number of males in the house, leadership is still held by women. The Keys family are close to the Matron of their house. This allowed Cronin a little more respect than the other families male children even being put forth for a holy artifact when he came of age.

All the way through to his coming of age, Cronin lived a fun filled life on Betazed with his family and met many Federation citizens and visiting aliens. This encouraged his curiosity about all things the Federation stood for, exploration, first contacts, and what honor and courage meant to aliens so he could compare with his people’s views. It was 2370 when he was even remotely allowed to leave home to attend Starfleet Academy on Earth, he was 20 years old.

He barely made it through the Academy before the Dominion War began in 2373 and although all his basic training completed 3 years prior to the war, his elected career track was something he hadn’t had time to think about as many Cadets were pushed into early service. The 4th years got to pick while the 3rd years (he was one of them) were told where they were assigned.

He was assigned to a border patrol squadron. Cronin had picked Security and Tactical with some Engineering training along the way. The squadron was ordered to avoid battle but kept constant sensor sweeps along the Demilitarised Zone for any incoming activity, the three starships in the squad had suffered a few hit and run attacks, one an Excelsior-class (USS Righteous) while the other 2 were both Saber-class. They too performed some hit and run attacks as the opportunities presented themselves with Command’s blessing.

When the Dominion invaded Betazed, many Betazoids in Starfleet that weren’t in critical positions, Cronin among them, found other ways to get home in order to help liberate their world from the Cardassians/Jem’hadar. The Seventh and Twelfth Houses went into hiding forming a Resistance and fought back once the invasion seemed to have been complete in the Dominion’s eyes.

The 23 year old Cronin met an 18 year old Ailig, well saved the human who was visiting Betazed when the Dominion took the planet, and the two seemed to connect, though Ailig after some time of fighting Jem’hadar had explained their attraction was purely because of the act of rescue and continued to resist Cronin’s wooing attempts. During one of the many battles to reclaim the planet, Cronin had sustained a head injury that while it was healed there was not enough time for proper medical treatment. An impressive scar was left behind which altered his hair follicles turning the hair on and next to the scar white. He found that he wanted to keep it as a way to remember those fallen in the occupation of his homeworld. Many sported momentos of the battles in much the same way.

Upon the liberation in 2375, which took some time, Ailig had finally agreed to date Cronin. The end of the war saw Cronin and Ailig as well as the Alpha/Beta quadrants much needed peace along with rebuilding efforts that are longer than the war was. Cronin’s final year at the Academy was waived with his service during the war better than any theory or exam and was promoted to Lieutenant JG for he had received a battlefield commission of Ensign during the war.

Cronin was assigned to the Righteous as a security/tactical officer, while Ailig attended the Academy for 4 years. In 2378 the USS Voyager returned to Earth bringing with her all sorts of experiences and knowledge about the Delta quadrant. This inspired most of Starfleet back into Exploration and the general excitement the Federation public had about the lost starship’s journey sparked vigor into both the rebuilding efforts as well as planning a return to the Delta. Ailig was in his 3rd year in the academy and had been present when Janeway had given the entire academy student body a seminar on her experience with the Borg and first contacts. It gave Ailig the inspiration that he wanted to be part of the Delta mission.

Cronin developed a goal to be selected to serve in the Delta exploration when there was one announced. He knew there would be one, it was some the Federation couldn't resist! Explore new space! Especially with a sugar hit of what Voyager’s crew returned with.

By 2383 Cronin was 32 and serving aboard the Sovereign-class USS Destiny as Assistant Chief Security Officer while Ailig unfortunately stayed aboard the USS Righteous as an Operations Officer. Starfleet Operations had to recall the 2 deep space ships they had redirected to rendezvous with Voyager, though there had been some discussion to make them an advanced scouting mission in preparation for any future exploration. Though ultimately recalled after being ordered to take long range scans of the Alpha/Delta border. The admiralty weren’t idiots, they knew there would be a lot of interest and requests for it sooner rather than later, Cronin and Ailig being just a few of the officers, who did organise like petitions and such, that have frequently asked their department heads about it. It had travelled up the chain of command along with many across the fleet to the ears of Starfleet Command.

In 2388 Cronin passed the Bridge Officer certification and was accepted to become Chief of Security on Lyra Station Alpha next to the Cardassian border.

Ailig surprised him around 2390 when he transferred aboard as Assistant Chief Operations Officer and Cronin returned the surprise by proposing to Ailig, the station’s senior staff were at the wedding which happened in the middle of the year. Ailig at the time was 34 and Cronin 41, though Ailig made a career change decision into piloting and fighter maintenance while Cronin himself wanted to begin his command career.

Early 2394, the Quantum Slipstream Drive Project had made massive progress and had now entered the test phase, Ailig was selected to be the helmsman on one of the test ships, the USS Wenjia an Insignia-class fleet support modular starship commanded by Captain Bonnie Kin, and Cronin had been XO of the USS Aurora, a Vesta-class science starship under the command of Captain Kathryn Flower, for 3 years. Though she had seen Cronin’s dedication to command, she had advised that he was not yet ready for the Captain’s chair.

Both ships participated in the classified Slipstream flight test mid 2394, with another 2 test flights at the end of the year and first week of 2395. All successful with a few modifications had to be made. Both Ailig and Cronin performed their duties with dedication and their commanding officers did commend them and Starfleet Command approved their reassignment to Project Delta. It was to be launched in 2398. Everything seemed to be on schedule and all starships assigned to the project along with their crews, all commanding officers given Fleet positions. The most surprising part was the USS Voyager placed as the project flagship, though none of the vessel’s original crew had accepted Starfleet Command’s request for them to lead the task force. So the vessel received a new crew and the project commanding officer Rear Admiral Leon Ryan living aboard. Cronin had met the man a few times while accompanying Captain Flower to briefings after briefings during 2397 between missions.

Of course each of the starships were given other missions, most weren’t conflict based. Some had a few battles but handled them well. At the beginning of 2398, the task force assembled at the classified location to prepare for the journey to Delta. The commanding officer of the USS Pioneer had a change of heart that the commanding officer’s yeomen had reported being on and off during 2397. Every time the two talked about it the CO was okay but 3 weeks before scheduled departure, the CO informed Admiral Ryan that they wanted to remain in the Federation. Admiral Ryan didn’t have much time for finding replacements and so offered the Pioneer to Cronin with the condition that his husband Ailig would not be in the same shift rotation. The two agreed, with Captain Flower’s and Captain Kin’s blessings, and the closest available executive officer and helmsman applicants were reassigned from a nearby starbase for the Aurora and the Wenjia.

The task force began their journey thanks to the joint Quantum Slipstream Corridor created by the Aurora and Wenjia, the rest had conventional latest warp drives. The journey ended at the Talaxian asteroid colony that Voyager’s former crewmate Neelix was living on. Cronin and Ailig were excited to begin their new lives in the Delta quadrant.
Service Record (From Starfleet Academy to Joining the Pioneer's Crew)(Please include the why for promotions, years, what the assignments are (Ship, station, planet base) and ages.) 2373 - Began Starfleet Academy. 23
2375 - 4th year of Academy and following year deployed during the Dominion War on the USS Righteous, Excelsior-class. Participated in Liberation of Betazed from Dominion occupation. 25
2379 - 4 years aboard the USS Righteous as a Security/Tactical Officer. Had Engineering cross training in his off hours. 29
2383 - 5 years aboard the USS Destiny as Assistant Chief Security Officer. Passed the Bridge Officer certification during his 5th year. 34
2388 - 5 years aboard Lyra Station Alpha as Chief of Security. Assumed Second Officer responsibilities during his 4th year. 39
2390 - Engaged and Married to Ailig, aboard Lyra Station Alpha. Applied for an Executive Officer position in the fleet. Placed aboard the USS Aurora as Executive Officer. 41
2394 - USS Aurora and USS Wenjia participated in a Classified mission. 44
2395 - Debriefed on both Project Delta and the Quantum Slipstream Drive as XO of the Aurora. 45
2398 - Sudden transfer to USS Pioneer, another starship part of Project Delta, as Commanding Officer due to the former CO’s change of heart. Ailig joined Cronin, on conditions, as nightwatch Helmsman. 48