The Sim

Gamemaster Announcement:
This sim ignores Star Trek: Picard. Any references or connections will be removed in biographies and posts.

Missions will take place along Voyager's path home, yes some may be in uncharted space and maybe elsewhere, and other vessels in the Task Force will take a minimalist part as they are NPCs and in a supportive role.

As more and more players join, the other task force ships can be opened for players to have PCs be on. If players wish to create NPCs on the NPC ships in the Task Force please contact GM and it's case by case approval, however it is temporary until a NPC ship can be filled with PCs.

The ship that players will be on is the Galaxy class Venture refit USS Pioneer which doesn't have a Quantum Slipstream Drive installed, its spaceframe is too wide and so the project engineers decided that the Vesta and Insignia class (well it is smaller then the Galaxy) starships assigned to the project were better suited.

If you have any questions please do Contact Us.

Talaxian Characters are welcome however under some conditions due to plausibility and realism. If you have other explanations please do give them in your application.
If Starfleet, they will begin as Cadets. 4th years as they would have taken a condensed Academy course, via subspace, that the Academy instructors put together just for the situation of Delta quadrant individuals may wish to join the task force.

If Merchant Marines, characters will have provisional ranks until an amount of time has been served.

If Civilian, characters can be consultants to Starfleet and or the Merchant Marines like Neelix and Kes was.

Cooperative (Freed Borg) Characters will be limited. Case by case approval when applying to this sim.