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Lieutenant Commander Thyrza Keer

Name Thyrza Andira Keer

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender (Contact Us if incorrect or missing) Female
Species (Species/Species if Hybrid) Trill/Vulcan
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 4'10"
Weight 100
Hair Color Red with white streaks in hair
Eye Color Light Green/Hazel
Physical Description (Body type, Tattoos, Facial features, Hair styles, Outfit habits and if your character has different species physical features to the norm please note them.) Build/Body Type: Lean, well muscled and toned
Complexion: Freckled, with Trill spots descending from forehead and temples
Hair Style: Long, usually tucked into an elaborate knot or braid or partially up and pinned with a hair clip.
Voice: Soft, somewhat smokey, gravelled
Off-Duty Clothing Preferences: Prefers loose clothing, always neat, tends to unconsciously picks clothing in hues that play up her unusual green eyes. Darker browns, deep greens, blacks.
Distinguishing Features: Her genetically inherited white streak from a mother and father she has never met. Her almost unnervingly pale green eyes. Pointed ears, denoting her has half-Vulcan.
Face Claim: Bridget Regan


Father Morian
Mother T'viat
Brother(s) 1 (twin)
Sister(s) 2
Others (May include: Trill symbiont's previous Hosts, In-laws and Extended Family, if important to your character's development in Project Delta) 1 aunt
1 grandfather

Symbiont: Keer

Torvia (f.) - PRE-WARP
Interspecies Integration Communications Director
D’jiani Institute of Communications, Trill Homeworld
-- Calm, dignified, penchant for hard liquor and the ladies but never forgot a face or a language
-- Hated wine
-- And the outdoors
-- Weirdly, she enjoyed the water…which was outdoors.

Noirya (f.)
Transit Race Pilot
-- Held the fastest recorded time at the Anyanati Galactic Races for 20yrs
-- Daredevil, stubborn, acerbic wit
-- (d.) Shaving that last second off her own record well into her 10th decade, with a smile

Oresa (f.)
Xenobiologist, Virologist
-- Helped cure 109 variants of Xenobiologic viruses as part of a team of scientists at Polloi Station near the edge of Federation/Klingon space
-- Loud, mischievous, terrible at finishing jokes because she was always getting distracted by that one idea that leads to a breakthrough, fearless, loved bloodwine, and Klingon, Vulcan dishes, wide range of gastronomical delights, really.
-- Practised mixed martial arts from several different worlds

Eness (m.)
Artificial Intelligence Specialist
Daystrom Institute, Earth
Doctor of Applied Artificial Intelligence and Bionics, Positronic Relay Enhancements Specialist
-- He had a very mild temperament
-- Insatiably curious about artificial life and the amazing directions it could be used in
-- Actually, really funny and a born storyteller
-- Couldn’t dance (all left feet).

Klorim (m.)
Asst. Liaison Director of Surgery
Vulcan colony of Telek IV
Symbiont Selection Committee member for Telek IV
-- Cranky at the end of his life
-- Pushed his proteges extremely hard and broke for than a few of them
-- Held himself to a higher standard than anyone around him
-- Ruthlessly loyal

Leris (m.)
-- Vulcan Colony of Asaris III
-- Obtained 3 PhDs. from Astrophysics, Mathematics, and Biology (a fondness for Orchids)
-- Won several awards for groundbreaking contributions to the field
-- V. quiet, extremely focused, published 59 books - among those published were works on advanced mathematical theory as applied to subspace harmonics, astrophysics, and cross-breeding rare orchids, and a memoir about his colony life and interactions.[/i]
--Blunt force wit to the back of the head
Hated being interrupted
--Hated it when someone was wrong but he couldn’t do anything about because of [I]seniority[/I] issues
-- Detested power plays and politics

Personality & Traits

General Overview (Current states of mind, mannerisms, likes and dislikes, personality quirks and traits. Include learned languages if you wish) Thyrza Keer is an exemplary officer who embraces the new and the old when it comes to life and technology. As a joined Trill, she brings to Starfleet, the knowledge of her past hosts and her future endeavours, which are, no doubt, going to be of some note. She has a pioneering spirit and delights in new discoveries not just in her own field but in many others.
Strengths & Weaknesses (Please have at least 3 of each, these can be both personality and physical. Some can be both a Strength and a Weakness depending on situation.) Unnervingly focused
Kind to pretty much everyone
Highly intelligent
When her patients are under threat she can be reckless in her determination to save them
Consumes the holy crap out of caffeine and other beverages
Has too many ideas for one head
Ambitions (What does your character wants to achieve at the time of joining the crew of the Pioneer.) Medical Ship's Captain
Hobbies & Interests (What activities does your character like doing while off-duty? What does your character have a passion for that may led to an activity?) Mixed Species Martial Arts
History - Xenohistory
Religion - Xenoreligions
Vulcan meditation

Personal History & Career (Starfleet or Civilian)

Personal History (How did your character grow up? Did your character do any civilian jobs or travel before applying to Starfleet Academy? Is your character's species a Federation member? Where did your character attend Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Schooling? Did your character live on their world or live amongst the stars? At what age did they start Starfleet Academy if they did?) Born on Vulcan to unknown mother and father, adopted with younger twin brother by T’viat, and Trill Xenobiologist Morian who had two daughters of their own already. Thyrza and her brother both had the hallmarks of being half-Vulcan in that they had slightly pointed ears and eyebrows that slant upward.

As a child, Thyrza was precocious but frustrated. When she couldn't do something - running, for example, she'd exhaust herself and pitch a complete fit over it. If there wasn't something in her hand for her to examine, she'd grab something to examine just to have something to do with her hands. She was also one for taking things apart and putting them together again. Puzzles were her favourite thing and remain so.

Early on she had talents for the Sciences and a keen sense of empathy for other living beings. Her vivacious, bright and bubbly nature wasn't frowned upon by her mother so much as it was gently encouraged to flourish elsewhere in her life than within the realm of academics. Every educational challenge she met and excelled in but her favourites were Science and Linguistics. School was easy for her in that breezy sort of some kids have it. She did go to a Vulcan school, which meant she had a fantastic start when it came to the sciences.

Thyrza, when rather young, figured that learning a language without a universal translator was better than needing to rely on one. After all, there were new aliens out there whose languages wouldn’t be in the catalogue. Thyrza decided that if her mouth could make it, she’d learn it or try. It didn’t matter what the science subject was, really, she was pretty into it. She was enthralled by astrophysics, mathematics, and medicine (from herbology to medicinal practices across cultures and species) were her early favourites. Eventually, though, she knew she had to pick something to study and have a profession in. It wasn't until they were on a transport that she figured out where she belonged.

When she was eleven, the whole family packed up and went to Trill, ostensibly for some excellent Xenobiology work for her father. In transit, their diplomatic transport vessel, which they had caught with the ambassador, was hijacked by terrorists, leaving dozens critically injured during the attack. The doctor on board, Elisa Trent and the medical staff were severely understaffed as many of the personnel injured were their own staff. Trent enlisted young Thyrza's aid to stabilise as many injured as possible before proper aid could arrive in the form of Starfleet assistance. Thyrza, at eleven, continued to assist the injured, staying by the medical personnel’s sides, watching and learning, eyes wide with fascination. When they lost several of the crew to trauma too advanced and beyond the capabilities of even the Federation’s medical teams, it began her decades-long love affair with medicine and was the flashpoint for her perfectionism when it came to the treatment of alien species’ traumatic injuries.

She immediately began courses in emergency medical procedures, even if her ‘patients’ were holographic in nature. Thyrza learned at light speed, never satisfied with her results, always adding more casualties, different kinds of wounds, replicating the hijacking victims over and over trying to save them in and around regular coursework and through several different programs as a medic. At seventeen, she began her formal training in medicine and then, when she was satisfied with her training, she began Starfleet Academy.

Despite her dedication, her application to become an Initiate candidate was received and ultimately rejected. Her reasons for wanting to be Joined were not only the preservation of knowledge but a driving need to further her own knowledge in medicine and the preservation of life itself. She was more than just bright, she had the spark the selection committee had been looking for but in the end, it was her Vulcan side that made the rejection official. It hit her hard and the only way she could cope was to slam herself into study, practice, and more study. It motivated her to do better and felt kinda vindictive at the same time.


Keer's previous hosts had a pioneering spirit and drive that ultimately resonated deeply with her. Not only would Thyrza give Keer’s long line of fascinating characters’ legacies lives, but she’d also add to them with her own accomplishments and feats - wherever they took her.

She was joined to Symbiont Keer pretty much three hours into her 20th birthday, on a ship heading to Trill.

Prior to her emergency Joining, she was considered a rising star on her own with a talent for language, mathematics, astrophysics, and showed a high aptitude for medical theory with several courses in emergency medical intervention prior to her enrollment at Starfleet Medical with the express purpose of punching through Starfleet Medical as fast and as high scoring as possible. She wanted to make her mark as hard as possible as if she was still sticking to the Commission for their denial. Thyrza was so close to rejecting her Vulcan side entirely, something that she was proud of being but something that had denied her one of the one things in life she truly wanted.


Her joining with Keer at 20 was more emergency than anything as it wound up that during an off-world trip that Keer's last host, mathematician Koris, fell down a sharp embankment during a really, really terrible storm, striking his head and nearly severing his spinal cord. It was so bad that he came very close to dying on the spot. Quick thinking by several cadets, including Thyrza, kept him alive but the symbiont Keer, had to be enjoined, then joined to Thyrza to keep the symbiont alive. By the time she got back to Trill, the process was irreversible.

NOTES: The Trill Symbiosis Commission is still pissed off about her Joining. She must use medication to sustain her symbiont's connection with her but she doesn't give a crap. They fit well with each other and she wouldn't have it any other way. She did take the requisite three-year stint for Joining and did have a field docent who was actually really effusive with praise. Thyrza basically made sure she was as perfect as possible as a good old nose-thumbing at the council.


She spent the majority of her adolescence knowing exactly what she was supposed to be and considered several research grants after applying at seventeen. She graduated Starfleet Medical with top honours in Xenobiology, Xenobotany, and specialising in surgical intervention across a wide range of species. Thyrza found it wasn’t enough to sate her own need to be more the proficient and looked back on several of her offers, one from a Vulcan Science and Medical vessel due to depart for its own research and relief purposes. She was noted as a very hard, focused worker with little time for goofing off and she slammed through courses like a machine. Soft-spoken as she was, she consistently made choices, and risks, that meant she would go to any lengths to save a patient. While her effort was commendable, it could also be dangerous and reckless.

In the end, after graduating, she chose to embark on a six-year mission with the Vulcan Auxiliary Medical Fleet to aid wartorn areas in the aftermath of catastrophic military actions.

Service Record (From Starfleet Academy to Joining the Pioneer's Crew)(Please include the why for promotions, years, what the assignments are (Ship, station, planet base) and ages.) Starfleet Medical -- 5yrs
Starfleet Academy -- 4yrs
STARFLEET HIATUS -- 6yrs to the Selana
Vulcan Medical Frigate "Selana" - 6yrs
Starfleet New Species Initiative Program - 5yrs

Her leave from active service was approved by Starfleet Medical for the mission duration of six years, then resumed Starfleet another six spent working with new species to aid in their adaptation into Starfleet life, culture, and health catalogues and surgical needs. Please see the following for more information.


Rather than begin serving aboard a Federation ship, she found herself taking a completely different path - a posting with a Vulcan crew as their resident trauma surgeon. Their mission was to relieve war pressures in a what could hardly be said a jaunt around space. It did mean she’d get non-stop practise on a staggering amount of war casualties from one conflict to another.

She took the lessons the mission gave her and embraced them, honing her skills in the medical field and expanding them each time she treated a new patient. Thyrza also learned that she couldn't save everyone, even if she worked harder and faster than she ever had before. That lesson - that not everyone could be pulled back from the brink of death was incredibly difficult for her to learn. It was the way of things, of life, really. She lost sleep on it and continues to fuel herself with caffeine and stimulant-based drinks to forge ahead.

She knows that the faces of the dead will haunt her until she learns to let their deaths go.

During this voyage, she also finished a doctorate in Xenobiology and Xenobotany and her thesis was published shortly after she left to begin the New Species Initiative Program. Her thesis centred on Xenobiology and the use of Xenobotany when medical stores have depleted.


Upon finishing her six-year voyage and with the stipulation he past work on the frigate and her service record with the New Species Initiative would be applied (Putting her at Lieutenant rank) she contacted Starfleet Command with the intention of applying for assignment as a return to active duty.

Her time with the New Species Initiative was spent assisting new species with the adaptation to Starfleet and the Federation itself, especially when it meant adaptation to technologies and medicine that would make sure their species could serve aboard starships. She went from Ensign to Lieutenant fairly quickly and eventually assumed an assistant departmental head position before requesting her next assignment when she heard there was a Chief Medical Officer posting available.

This time, after dropping by Trill for a short holiday, she hopes very much to be aboard a ship once more and on her way to Chief Medical Officer.