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Lieutenant Commander Navesa Umyal

Name Navesa Umyal

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender (Contact Us if incorrect or missing) Female
Species (Species/Species if Hybrid) Bajoran/Romulan
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 3"
Weight 117 lbs.
Hair Color Sandy Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description (Body type, Tattoos, Facial features, Hair styles, Outfit habits and if your character has different species physical features to the norm please note them.) Navesa stands as a relatively short woman with an athletic form. She is clearly a hybrid of Romulan and Bajoran heritage: with the eyebrow ridges of a Romulan, the roundness of Bajoran eyes, the Bajoran nose ridges, and pointed ears of a Romulan. She has no tattoos or piercings, save for her Bajora d’ja pagh (Bajoran earring), of which she inherited from her Mother when her brother Onat saved the earring following her death. She keeps her hair tightly wrapped in a well-maintained updo bun per Starfleet Uniform Code. Navesa cares very little about her physical appearance beyond maintaining appropriate levels of hygiene and care for her attire. She has no fashion sense, especially for a Bajoran, and often requires the opinions of others to realize what might not be appropriate for her.


Father Narek Imhal (unknown)
Mother Umyal Naresa (deceased)
Brother(s) Umyal Kornen (deceased); Umyal Onat, 42
Sister(s) Umyal Okesa (deceased), Umyal Lintes, 45

Personality & Traits

General Overview (Current states of mind, mannerisms, likes and dislikes, personality quirks and traits. Include learned languages if you wish) Navesa is a compassionate and generously kind woman who believes that the power of medicine is more than just tricorders, med-beds, and a stack of datapads with medical journals and reports. She believes all aspects of a person’s mind, body, and soul are equally important to the longevity of an individual. She, however, is not particularly good at normal social situations outside of her profession. She excels at bedside manners and makes even a Klingon feel at ease, but when it comes to her interpersonal relationships, she struggles to convey herself well and can seem to flounder.

Navesa is a deeply spiritual person, embracing the faith of her species effortlessly yet never letting that faith define how she performs her duties. She takes every scene with a strong conviction, a belief that everything happens for a reason, and that there are no such things as coincidences. She does believe that the ‘Prophets’ are both a unique alien species and that they are deities. She does not consider those distinctions as exclusive from each other.

Navesa enjoys home cooked meals, a good springwine, and good company, even if she’s awkward at it. She tends to mess with styluses, pens, or other writing apparatus as though it is a fidget toy, almost always seen playing with one. She tends to formally pronounce people’s names, particularly in alignment with their culture, if she is aware of it, and will default to Bajoran nomenclature standards if she is unaware of the specifics.

Navesa does not have a hatred towards Cardassians, instead pitying their plight and the devastation wrought by them upon her homeworld. She harbors no ill will towards any of Cardassian heritage.

Navesa speaks ancient Bajoran, modern Bajoran, Federation English, Cardassian, and Klingon.
Strengths & Weaknesses (Please have at least 3 of each, these can be both personality and physical. Some can be both a Strength and a Weakness depending on situation.) • Strength: A conviction that everyone deserves compassion, respect, and kindness, even her enemies.
• Strength: A near-perfect encyclopedic knowledge of medicine for over 150 different species.
• Strength: A determination for perfection, striving for the best in any situation.
• Weakness: Social awkwardness seems to only exist outside of her duties.
• Weakness: She may find it difficult to separate her religious beliefs from her interactions with others outside of her duties.
• Weakness: Never seems to quite grasp the concept of fashion, art, or creative pursuits, often needing reminders and constant positive affirmation of creative things.
Ambitions (What does your character wants to achieve at the time of joining the crew of the Pioneer.) Navesa’s only real ambition is to open a brand-new alpha-level, multi-species, medical center for direct general medicine, experimental medicine, and cutting-edge technologies with the hopes of including holistic and genetic pregenerative medicine. Being Chief Medical Officer is amazing, but not something she wants forever.
Hobbies & Interests (What activities does your character like doing while off-duty? What does your character have a passion for that may led to an activity?) • Despite being creatively ‘impaired’, she has a deep love of learning cuisine, particularly other cultures and integrating them with Bajoran cuisine.
• Navesa is always learning about future technologies, procedures, and treatments in modern medicine.

Personal History & Career (Starfleet or Civilian)

Personal History (How did your character grow up? Did your character do any civilian jobs or travel before applying to Starfleet Academy? Is your character's species a Federation member? Where did your character attend Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Schooling? Did your character live on their world or live amongst the stars? At what age did they start Starfleet Academy if they did?) Navesa was born of the extremely rare and unusual union between a Romulan Tal Shiar field agent and a Bajoran slave woman. Her father, a man named Narek Imhal, was a field operative on Bajor during the Occupation and needed companionship. Her birth in 2363 C.E. was shrouded in secrecy, much like her father, and she still does not know the truth of it even to the current day.

A precocious and affirming child, she showed an aptitude for kindness, helping others, and studying science even from an early age. A sense of wonder and curiosity always followed Navesa, even though it could be rarely affected by the circumstances of the Occupation. She remembers little of the Occupation of Bajor, with glimpses and fleeting memories of the brutality of it yet no understanding really of the contents. A ‘product’ of a war-time planet, she does understand that her existence clearly is something out of the ordinary. Her siblings were clearly Bajoran and she was not. At first, her mother thought she might pass for a Cardassian child, but thankfully, it never came up before the Occupation was over.

Her mother Naresa, brother Kornen, and sister Okesa were all killed during the occupation mere weeks before it ended in 2369 C.E. A devastating blow to the entire family, they have persevered since and Navesa remains very close with her remaining family.

After the Occupation, the Umyal family attempted to return to normalcy, given that none of them even knew what normal Bajoran sociocultural norms were. All her remaining family had been born during the Occupation and none of them even knew what life was like on their homeworld. Her siblings, all older than her, found work in participating in the rebuilding efforts while Navesa continued showing great aptitude for science, medicine, and general STEM work. She eventually became part of the Bajoran Education system, quickly accelerating in those fields. Her Romulan heritage became clearer and more prominent as she grew into puberty and young adulthood.

At the very young age of 16, after Bajor had finally been accepted into the Federation, Navesa used her exceptional practical and scholarly examples to get into Starfleet Academy on special exception for needing a much better education outside of Bajor. The Bajoran Republic was still not up to snuff, and it would be decades before it would be of a competent level to produce exceptional systems.
Service Record (From Starfleet Academy to Joining the Pioneer's Crew)(Please include the why for promotions, years, what the assignments are (Ship, station, planet base) and ages.) • Navesa applied for special exception to Starfleet Academy in 2379 C.E. – Age 16
• Accepted into the Medical and Science degrees in 2379 C.E.
• Majored in Medicine with a Minor in Applied Physics in 2379 C.E.
• Graduated with High Honors in 2383 C.E. – Age 20
• Assignment as Ensign in the Medical Corps in 2383 C.E. until 2386 C.E. to the U.S.S. Excalibur NCC-26517 as a Physician’s Assistant.

• Reassigned with a Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2386 C.E., until 2390 C.E., to the [Name Pending] NCC-71805 as Medical Officer. Promotion provided for ‘exceptional and unwavering dedication to the pursuit of the well-being and overall health of the crew and showing resilience during a Borg attack in preventing further deaths and assimilations.’ – Age 23

• Reassigned to the U.S.S. Callisto NCC-80109 in 2390 C.E., until 2398 C.E. with a Promotion to Lieutenant Commander as Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Promotion provided for ‘creating a new methodology for genetic scanning of standard Federation medical beds that examined multiple genome matrices simultaneously, reducing potential errors from 5.67% down to 0.034% and providing more effective proactive medicine in Starfleet Medical procedures. Acknowledged in her medical research papers by Commander Doctor Julian Bashir to have forged a new path forward for reducing medical inefficiencies and increasing the longevity of Federation citizens.’ – Age 27

• Reassigned to the U.S.S. Pioneer NCC-71910 in 2398 C.E. as Chief Medical Officer. – Age 35