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His turn for goodbyes

Posted on Sun Jun 9th, 2024 @ 2:31am by Lieutenant Commander Rafael Montoya

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Mission: Pre-Launch + Pre-Mission 1 Stories

[Earth, Starfleet HQ]

Years ago he was the one receiving the call from his brother saying that he was heading off on a mission to the far reaches. At least in this go around Starfleet had Quantum Slipstream technology at it disposal so at least the family would be able to remain in contact and most likely see each other again. Their sister would still get irritated at times the Rico had volunteered for the Achilles mission.

Sitting in his office, he waited for the call to his brother to go through.

[USS Phoenix]

Now that the power had been restored to the USS Granger, the Phoenix was finally back on it's way to their mission. Sitting in his chair on the bridge he returned the tablet to his Sizia, his Yeoman, who headed off to Operations. Looking back to the view screen, "Best of luck Commander and again my condolences."

=^= We miss him already but knowing that his symbiot is alive in your science officer gives all off us some assurance that a part of Captain Leon is still alive. =^=

"Not to worry we will him him...well now her safe. Smooth sailing Commander."

=^= To you and your crew as well Captain. =^=

Once the channel closed Rico sat back. "Helm, Lets get back on track shall we. Resume course back to the Breen Neutral Zone and engage at warp 7."

"Course se...Sir you are being hailed. Starfleet Headquarters, Astronomical Research Division."

He knew immediately who was calling. Popping out of his chair he was already on his way, "I'll take it in my ready room. XO , the bridge is yours."

Once in his ready room he activated his monitor.

[Starfleet Headquarters]

=^= Hey Raf! How's my little brother, still digging through all that Voyager data? =^=

"Well not for much longer..."

=^= Really? Let me guess you got promoted? =^=

Leaning back in his chair he laced his fingers together. "Nope. Theirs really no need to review old, second hand information when you can see it for yourself." The face on his monitor stared back at him silently, mouth parted slightly.

=^= way? =^=

Raf laughed at the irony and his brother's reaction. "Oh yeah. Captain Key walked right into my lab, and after a bit of banter offered me the mission Chief Science Officers job."

=^= That's fantastic! Congratulations! At least you'll have a QSD available and the Mydas Array for communications. How long is your trip going to be? =^=

"There is still the trip to the launch point but the QSD trip will be about 8 months, maybe longer."

=^= Damn. What are you going to do for all that time? =^=

"Continue to research...get to know the crew, spend some time in the holodeck and see if I can finally beat your wing suit progress..."

Rico interrupted his brother with a big grin, =^= I've made it to the 7th spire now. =^=

"Damn it! Now I'm definitely going to be in the holodeck. Besides that...who knows. When you headed of into the unknown you got married, maybe I will find that special match too."

Chuckling as he shook his head, =^= Just don't let those pheromones get out of control. Ya never know what you might run into out there. You know; I was on a Galaxy class when I had my accident and there are a heck of a lot of parallels with all this. =^=

"Is big brother getting superstitious?"

=^= Nah, just being a big brother. So what did mom and dad say when you told them? =^=

Raf shook his head with a wry grin, "I haven't yet. I'm packing my gear here then transporting into Cordoba to surprise them. Beside I have to stock up on Abuelita's piononos. And yes I have already made sure Karman will be there."

=^= HHmmmm....fresh piononos. Remember waiting to clean the the bowl....=^=

"...And her smacking our hands, and dad's, when we tried to sneak a taste.

They both smiled as they recalled the memories of growing up with their grandmother's cooking. But Rico broke the silence and the fond memories by bring them back to the present. =^= That reminds me. Before I left she had many of her recipes programmed for replication for me. I will send you the files, so you can tell Abuelita she doesn't need to worry about that this time. How is she doing anyway? =^=

Well he knew he would look forward to their grandmother's recipes, even if replicated, the thought of her deteriorating health was a dampener on the mood. "Getting older. Karman has moved in and is taking care of her full time now...or at least trying to. Those two are just as stubborn as the other so it's a clash off least until they are in the kitchen."

=^= Well we all know where Karman got he stubborn streak from. Hey with you dropping this bomb on them at least now Karman will have someone else to be upset with other than me. =^=

"You know she's not going to forgive you until you get home for you promised."

Rico nodded. "True. I will have to see what I can arrange after our current mission, but with this region on edge as there is no telling what's going to happen.=^=

"Can't you just separate one section, warp home, then warp back? Hell you basically have 3 ships at your disposal."

=^= If it were only that simple...Great example to set there too. =^=

"Hey just trying to help."

[USS Phoenix]

Sizia entered the ready room with another set of padds for him and to remind him that they were about to initiate the MVAM drill as they were nearing the black cluster. "'s almost time."

"Thank you, I will be out shortly."

Raf looked at his brother curiously. =^= Who was that?"

"My yeoman. Almost time for a Multi-Vector Assault Mode drill. Gotta put some of my newer crew through their paces."

=^= Well that's perfect timing. Once you separate just warp to Earth. We'll have a few days together, get Karman off your back...on second though stay out there. I will tell her that you refused to come see me off and that way she won't get mad at me at all. =^=

"Ha...Just try it and I will have to have a one on one with your new Captain. I'll make sure you cleaning plasma conduits the whole time you are in slip stream."

=^= throwing you under the bus. Aye aye, Capitan Sir! =^=

"And don't you forget it. Well I have to get going my Yeoman is about to come snatch me out of my chair here in a minute. She must have been talking to Karman. Anyway. Call me before you leave home so we can have a family farewell. Again, Congratulations."

=^= Thanks Rico. Talk to you in a few days. Adios. =^=

"Ahí nos vemos, Rafael"

[Earth, Starfleet HQ]

Raf closed the channel and looked about the office that had been his for the last few years. Most of the images on the walls were of various Delta Quadrant discoveries and while he had a long trim ahead of him the idea of seeing them first hand was nothing he could have thought he'd get the chance at.

It didn't take too long to arrange for a copy of the research database to compiled and readied for transport. He and the researched here could collaborate as best they could using the Midas array. After collecting his personal items he stood in the doorway one last time. "Computer, lights." the lights faded and he headed home to pack before heading to his family home.

Lt Commander Rafael Montoya
Chief Science Officer

Captain Ricardo Montoya
CO, USS Phoenix


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