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Lieutenant Commander Lochlan Noir

Name Lochlan Noir [GM]

Position Acting Commanding Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species (Please consult with GM about hybrids) Joined Trill (3 former hosts: histories in Other Family)
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight 176 lbs (79.8 kg)
Hair Color Black with Blonde roots
Eye Color Eye Colour: Heterochromic Right: Green-Blue. Left: Dark Brown and a quadrant of Blue.
Physical Description Being in pretty good health, thanks to the various medical officers’ care over the years, and just coming out of his prime, Lochlan is in fairly good condition. He worked hard to not fall into those mindsets that when one reaches an age one can simply let loose. Since being joined his spots had darkened then both the younger and unjoined Trill males. He has several scars due to the Dominion War and a few from random missions after the war.


Father Tarn Vedra, Unjoined, works as an advocate for the Trill Guardians who tend the Trill Symbionts. While not representing the Trill Guardians’ wellbeing to the Trill Government, he works as a Trill Commerce unions liaison to the Trill Government as well.
Mother Seefra Vive, Joined formerly Seefra Atlas, she didn’t choose to take her husband’s surname, she met Tarn, 2 years after her joining, at a retreat that she went to to relax after putting in so many hours working for the Symbiosis Commission's housekeeping department.
Other Family Noir's first host;
Rune joined with Noir after 30 years, 2183.

Simple jack of all trades not quite knowing what he wanted to do, somewhat a troublesome individual, up to his Initiate training then after much counseling during the program decided to join the Trill government sponsored transportation company called Trill Commission of Logistics. Since he was put on the reconsultation waiting list for the Symbiosis Commission had concerns about Rune’s sense of self for he had needed counseling. With the condition that he find direction in his life, the Symbiosis Commission will put him through the psychological testing again but his physical examination met with approval for Joining. So Rune agreed and went onto finding his place, as he worked for Logistics he found he enjoyed travelling and wanted to see new places, meet new people and one day command a transport of his own.

Worked on a transport as Security and a runner. After a series of missions it seemed the crew were trapped in an Orion Syndicate employment scheme as others were, as it was revealed after one particular mission, manipulated into not giving the crew work. So they accepted anything to survive. Rune knew it best to work with than against the Syndicate so manipulated his way into becoming the liaison to the Syndicate for the crew and made several deals.

At one point Rune developed an unhealthy obsession, that he felt ashamed by, for standard ration packs that the ship had ample supply of. He disliked that he liked them, he tried to enjoy the Syndicate supply of better packaged meals but found he ate the rations more during his transport days. Whenever he was not in danger or on duty Rune enjoyed reading anything he could get his hands on, he had amassed quite the collection both physical and virtual.

Being the only link to the syndicate made Rune many enemies amongst the crew, especially the Captain, and so when the Syndicate offered a position on one of their undercover missions targeting the Trill government he accepted, and moved back home. He returned to Trill during his 30th year and did the psychological consultation again and was approved to be Joined. He received the Noir symbiont as the first host. It was rather a waking experience to be the first. This pushed him to make more of life and make a difference. Of course during this time he was still being forced to work for the Orion Syndicate, he manipulated the Syndicate to not target his homeworld of Trill or members of the government for if any of Trill's government found out, they could exile him, therefore his symbiont cannot be passed on to the next host. He kept the symbionts and their Joined nature secret, though it took him a good century to put in place along with the government and symbiosis commission a few good counterintelligence initiatives together before he reached 110.

Rune was hospitalised though while still his mind was sharp, his body was failing him. He got to reading while in bed and enjoyed every book until his death at 110, prior he had left his collection to whoever received Noir. Just before his death the doctors performed a memory block of Rune’s time with the creation of the countermeasures initiatives so he wouldn’t pass that information onto any future hosts.

Noir's Second Host;
Tarzul joined with Noir after 28 years, 2263.

He was in the militia cadet program that allowed for 5th year cadets to go through the Initiate program as both an option for joining if they wished and as additional life training. 3 years of Initiate training then at 28 and got approved and received the Noir symbiont.

After joining he went on to complete his military training and gained a commissioned rank and assigned to the Anti-Terrorism Unit, though they dealt with other criminal elements as well. Their primary mission was to find and shut down, aggressive if necessary, any Symbiont related black market activities as sooner or later the news that the Commission lied about the percentage of capable hosts that can be successfully joined would get out creating the various illegal trafficking of Symbionts the Commission didn't want. At some point it was becoming difficult to keep his nervousness under control as he was rising through the ranks for he had to speak to more and more people at one time or another. He had managed to find some ways to keep it in check, while not getting help for it, but it never left him.

He rose to Commander as they did their job with honor, distinction and occasional finesse off and on Trill and their colonies that the Commission Director picked Tarzul’s squad to guard the rest of the Commission's leadership officials with the added instructions of investigating the Director’s suspicions that those officials may turn against the Commission in some effort to gain power. The typical signs Tarzul’s squad looked for was unrest which usually untreated will fester into anger then a real possibility of betrayal by members of the commission and government.

At one point Tarzul came to the realisation that he possibly didn’t want to be in the services as he found he had become envious of the private sector. Luckily he was in a position that supervised most of the ATU's operations in the field. He discussed his own retirement with his unit and found they all shared his desire to pursue other paths, he mentioned his own protection company idea and during his resignation application process he worked on reassigning another unit to his unit’s duties so there would be a fluid change over. On the day of his leaving the ATU he found his unit had filed their resignations as well with Personnel and joined him in creating and running his own protection and security company that used surplus and or mothballed Trill Militia ships, equipment and occasionally was asked to assist in training Security personnel on more creative methods should the standard ones not help.

Tarzul's protection agents did provide security to many civilian businesses and small colonies that operated near the Klingon/Romulan combat zones ensuring that the Klingons and Romulans kept out of their homes. His company even established an office so they could help train whoever wanted to protect their own, sometimes hijacking supply ships that passed through the areas but leaving just enough to not be considered worth going after.

Up to and until the Dominion war occured Tarzul was retired but an occasional consultant for various security agencies around the Federation and he passed on his consultancy to a few trusted colleagues who had been in the ATU as well and joined him in his freelance protection company. He returned to Trill and caught up on some reading, rest and relaxation, even camping near Tenar. He died at 108 peacefully.

Noir's Third Host;
Garza joined with Noir after 30 years, 2343.

Following her ambition to be a successful businesswoman in hospitality, with later plans on other industries, she attended multiple training programs in management, hospitality and business from a variety of cultural institutions. She meanwhile worked as wait staff for a few years before being trained in bartending and other beverage appliances, some of the establishments she worked in had manual methods. Garza found it more joyful from the instant replicator way. As she made friends and focused on her career she couldn’t help but feel she wanted to be a part of something greater. Most Trill desire to pass on their experiences and hope one day their lives could contribute to Trill enlightenment, being Joined often satisfied that need for legacy. She knew some joined hosts in her life back on Trill, some away from the homeworld, had become more. It was something she craved, she wanted to share in that which she found hard to explain if asked.

So she applied for the Initiate program and a few additional educational courses in various hospitality and business areas, she studied hard at both. It even pleased the Commission that she was pursuing other life goals that some of the evaluations were more focused on the physical. During her last year of the Initiate program she returned to find that her application to join the civilian hospitality department that Starfleet has serving aboard starships.

She went on to work bartending aboard an Ambassador-class USS Sterling. She served on the Sterling’s crew for 4 years before she met another Trill by the name of Jozan Mulray, he’d requested that she come to work at his wedding in 2370. During the event she learned he was a massive business tycoon, using the name Supremacy Inc across many worlds. Garza saw this as an opportunity to achieve her ambitions, unexpectedly she met her field docent at the event. They spent days together, the docent explained the daily troubles and how the Joining enriched life but didn’t define it. They discussed how a host must own themselves and what her future goals were.

Garza’s responses seemed to have worked as she learned of her approval and requested to return home for final Initiate preparation. She requested the Noir symbiont as she had read about Rune and Tarzul in historical accounts. Serving their people and being part of peace being established respectively was quite the legacy, she hoped that her determination and dedication to her chosen field would rival their achievements. She figured that she may need some time home to get sorted after Joining, so she gained employment at a bar while she recovered. The transfer and her recovery as Garza Noir went smoothly, she tended to the follow up examinations and was cleared to return to her life.

She contacted Jozan and applied for any management position she could get. She was surprised that he gave her a regional supervisor job for some of his businesses and while her joining helped her gain many physical traits strengthen, she found it amusing that neither of Noir’s former hosts didn’t have any hospitality experience or knowledge. Though Tarzul had business experience that she could draw from to inspire her.

While she tended to her duties, on the side she helped Supremacy Inc with beverage and food experimentation in things like mixtures, tastes, recipes and so on. Unfortunately, though luckily she was on one of Supremacy’s freighters near Trill, when she tried several food meals and beverages as part of the experimental projects she had suffered poisoning. After the freighter’s medical staff couldn’t help her, they went to Trill.

Personality & Traits

General Overview (Personal Attributes, Values, Learned Languages and Life Skills) Lochlan is fit and maintains a workout plan when life is not completely up in his face. He has had plenty of conflicting emotions when faced with various situations but has learned that he is not alone and doesn't always rely on just his own knowledge, experiences and the memories of his symbiont's previous hosts to make decisions. He always sought out opinions, advice and confirmation on 'nearly' most things that he probably didn't know about and then again probably didn't know the correct stuff about whatever it was. He likes those around him to achieve whatever their goals are, well he tries to help guide them as best as he can to where they can progress if it's within his authority to do so. Otherwise he'll not stand in their way. He hates his natural hair colour and so now dyes it as often as he can. He knows most native Trill dialects, some Orion from Rune, some Klingon from Tarzul.
Traits (Strengths/Weaknesses) & Leisure Profile (Hobbies/Interests) Joined to the Noir symbiont, the joining process boosts a Trill's focus, thought processes and reaction time. It is necessary for the two lifeforms to both connect and share memories.
Joined Trills are highly allergic to insect venom as it disrupts the isoboramine chemical transmitter that is responsible for the link between the symbiont and host.
Enjoys being the center of attention, though after being Joined has had few experiences of feeling overwhelmed and stressed. He was able to determine that one of Noir's hosts had some memories about public speaking that triggered fear that was powerful enough to cause hesitation before any social gatherings. The occasional nightmare of being naked at an event didn't help, both he and Noir's hosts suffered a few of those, it is a common fear. He is attempting to work through this conflict of emotions.
The other thing he didn't used to do is reading for pleasure. All sorts of novels as well with the occasional holonovel release from popular writers. Though he liked the participation a holonovel provided but it is a war to fight when the urge to read comes from Noir's hosts, he figured, which one though he is not sure.
Lochlan had easily given into peer pressure when he was younger, but with maturity, and further enriched by Joining, came the ability to resist such temptation and would-be mischief.
In most things he is determined, maybe not when facing his parents.
Though most of the habits from other hosts he has yet to discover their origin as he hasn't done his zhian'tara.

He enjoys various forms of dance. Mostly for the exercise value but enjoys the using of every muscle to create choreography and the flow of movement as well. He partakes in the mok'bara and other forms of body strengthening with soul building meditation. He likes strategy and puzzle games like Chess and Kal-toh and so on.
Personal & Career Goals (Short & Long Term) He wants to become a Captain and stay a Captain for a while.
Join the list of legendary officers by doing something worthy of historical note.
Attempt to stay in the field should he be cornered into Admiralty.
Start a family one day and have a child.
Go through the zhian'tara after some time of being Joined.

Personal History (Childhood, Adolescence & Adulthood Experiences Before Starfleet or Civilian Career) Noir's Fourth and Current Host;
Lochlan joined with Noir after 40 years, 2383.

Born in 2343 as a single child to busy parents Tarn and Seefra, Lochlan mostly stayed with his mother between 1-6 years old on Trill. He was given his mother’s maiden name by her request when the doctor made the birth certificate. His father Tarn captained a cargo transport managed by the Trill Commission of Logistics. Lochlan did go on 2 tours, between 6-10 years old, with his father but over the whole time he had a tutor that also served as a nanny.

In 2353, Lochlan moved back to Trill to be with his mother, who put him in the local middle school to experience that part of growing up, he was excited to make new friends so he attended Manev College in the capital Leran Manev. They lived in a nice apartment near the Symbiosis Commission building because she worked there in the housekeeping department. So on one of those bring-your-children-to-work-days at the Commission building he encountered the Anti-Terrorism Unit group that served as a security detail for both building and officials.

That was when Lochlan became interested in combat, weapons, armour and protecting people, although his father continued to lecture him that he must be Joined, it felt like an order with no consideration to what the young Lochlan wanted and so he would simply placate pushy father that he would. His mother was already Joined prior to her meeting his father. All Trill families wanted at least one joined amongst them so naturally all children are pushed into all sorts of education for different fields. It got to the point where Lochlan couldn't deal with the constant pressure to be Joined like many others in his class, he had talked to them often and they all shared stories about it.

They just wanted to live with no consideration to later life, though their schooling did touch on and reinforce the importance of Joining and the desire to pass on memories and experience to the next host and how Legacy will become in their eyes when they get older. Many of them, including Lochlan dismissed this but he knew he'd not be able to completely avoid it so did listen to it all, semi interested.

Along with the rest of the school student body, Lochlan attended the career day where students got to see the various professions and career options that several institutions offered training in. Lochlan immediately went for the Militia (Not Starfleet), he liked the Order, Respect and Authority the soldiers he met had, received and commanded as things he himself lacked in his life, especially when it came to his parents. The chance to use a variety of gadgets at career day was icing on the cake but cool and he was happy he wasn't the only one to sign up for the Militia Cadets Program (Not Starfleet).

There was one of the militia officers who introduced himself as Tarzul Noir on a recording that was playing at their booth. Tarzul explained his job and how the Militia (Not Starfleet) gave him purpose and a way to contribute to their world and protect their people from bad guys. The present militia officers chatted about service, training, gear, life as a soldier in peacetime and in war with Lochlan further fueling his decision to join.

Lochlan was 25 in 2368 his parents couldn't deny that their son had decided on his own path and that showed character, strength and determination which pleased them when he told them he was leaving for the Militia Academy (Not Starfleet) as part of his schools' sponsorship programs.

After 3 years of training Lochlan and the others who went with him were commissioned and assigned to shadow the Anti-Terrorism Unit, and other specialised units around the Trill system for another year then entered service as ATU officers retired or got medical discharges. One or two of his friends sadly couldn't handle too much and so were reassigned back home but Lochlan thrived under the Militia guidance.
Starfleet Service Record AND/OR Civilian Career History At 30, in 2373 the dominion war had begun and the Federation called for all military personnel from all member militia organsations to transfer into Starfleet and help protect the Federation. With his experience and training Lochlan landed a Security/Tactical Officer position on the Righteous for the war as a Lieutenant Junior Grade.

During 2383, the Righteous was orbiting Trill having to pick up new crewmembers, deliver both crew being reassigned and a few passengers. During this time Lochlan was on a Leave of Absence from Starbase 74, and his position of Acting Assistant Chief Tactical Officer, because he was visiting the homeworld. Before his visit could start however, he had been ordered to the Symbiosis Commission for an emergency Joining. He was told that they had a dying Joined Trill by the name of Garza Noir, she had suffered severe food poisoning while experimenting with various ingredients in the pursuit of creating new meals and beverages. The poisoning was fast acting, however there is a biological filter between Host and symbiont which seemed to have blocked the poisoning from affecting Noir. At this point there weren’t a single approved Initiate available except for Lochlan so he was given a quick review of the symbiont he was to receive.

He found one of those individuals as one of Noir’s previous Hosts who had inspired him to be of service to his people and later to the Federation: Tarzul Noir. While he had been there waiting, the Doctors had been working hard to save the patients but they had to have an unjoined approved Initiate ready to receive the symbiont should they fail to save the current host. It got to the point that Garza could not be treated as the damage happened quickly. Lochlan was prepared although Noir was put through a decontamination pool before being put into Lochlan so he doesn’t get any of the poisoned liquids or tissues. Lochlan Noir woke up and although it was after an emergency situation he still remembered his training and while the bonding worked, he accepted becoming part of a legacy.

The memories and personalities of Rune, Tarzul and Garza seemed to rush in but with a disciplined mind and a strong sense of self let who he had been merged with him. There were powerful memories that moved him and threatened to take over but once again his Initiate training returned to him advising him to counter with powerful memories of his own. After a few days of observation and tests, the Symbiosis Commission cleared Lochlan to return to active duty in Starfleet.

Aged 41 Lochlan applied for Command school and while he had passed the Bridge Officer certification in order to be considered for an assistant department head position, it did not go into how to live in Command. He wanted to be in command at least before his Sixtieth birthday. So that fueled his determination and drive to achieve that goal. His previous hosts’ memories of being in command or leading those who worked for them often gave what it felt to be responsible for other people’s wellbeing and safety. Powerful experiences that helped Lochlan prepare for his own way of being a leader. He did pass Command school, there was still much to learn but he was able to be considered for most positions of leadership like Assistant Chief, Chief, Second Officer, Executive Officer and one day he hoped under guidance of a Commanding Officer that he would be ready for a command of his own.

At age 45 Lochlan had been accepted to be Chief Tactical Officer for the USS Hood with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. Some months into his assignment he assumed Second Officer responsibilities temporarily for the Second Officer had gone on leave. After 4 years, a permanent Second Officer position opened, which funnily enough coincided with the Chief Tactical Officer’s reassignment on the same starship opened up as well. He jumped onto that dual opening in a flash and was accepted on board the original ship he served on at the start of his Starfleet career, the USS Righteous.

3 years later he had begun applying for advancement to Executive Officer though there didn’t seem to be any openings so he continued to do his part. At this point something odd happened and both the Righteous’ Commanding and Executive officers were given classified orders and left Lochlan in command, at the time they had not seemed like these orders would take long to carry out so instructed their Second to investigate a few nearby unexplored stellar phenomena while they were away.

Service Record Summary:
Militia Academy, Initiate Program training included for 3 years 25-27, Field Docent was a Commander in the Militia. Not the ATU or Starfleet.
Anti-Terrorism Unit, Lieutenant - Planetary Militia for 3 years 27-30
Excelsior-class, USS Righteous - Provisional Lieutenant Junior Grade - Security Officer - 2 years 30-32 (Dominion War)
Starfleet Academy Orientation and Training, Earth - 3 years 32-34
Soyuz-class, USS Courageous - Lieutenant - Security Team Member, became Leader in the 3rd year for 3 years 34-37
Ambassador-class, USS Sterling - Lieutenant - Department transfer to Tactical, took Bridge Officer certification, Tactical Officer, for 2 years 37-39
Starbase 74 - Lieutenant - Acting Assistant Chief Tactical Officer for 2 years 39-41
Joined with Noir on Trill at 40 on a leave of absence. Returned to Earth for additional training while exploring what it is like being Joined.
Starfleet Academy - attended Command school for 4 years 41-45
Excelsior-class, USS Hood - Lieutenant Commander - Temporary Second Officer/Chief Tactical Officer for 4 years 45-47
Excelsior-class, USS Righteous - Lieutenant Commander - Second Officer/Chief Tactical Officer for 3 years 47-50