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The Why:
Gamemaster Note: Hi there, I wanted to explore the whole multiple universal aspect of Star Trek. So I have created this RPG that will have the players experience a different Star Trek universe every mission or 2 depending on how long it takes to finish a mission.

The What:
During a routine mission, while the CO and XO are elsewhere on a classified assignment, the Starship Righteous an Excelsior class, receives a distress call and detects an extradimensional anomaly. The crew, under the command of the Second Officer, rushes to the source and finds an (well old according to Primeverse timeline, but actually the station is 24th century tech level) Watchtower-class Station from the 2200s of Prime, it had battle damage all over. The first mission will be about exploring the interior.

The Where:
At the first mission this is all set in the Prime Universe in 2390 at Starbase 219. The Watchtower-class station (Starbase 616) will replace Starbase 219 near Cairn for the duration of the first mission. However, once the dimensional jumping starts the crew will end up in any universe and or timeline and the original Starbase 219 will reappear its crew none the wiser.

The How:
The Watchtower-class station, called Starbase 616, is equipped with this device that projects a resonating pulse throughout the hull. Once the field is complete the device alters the quantum resonance frequency of all in the field to a different band. It visibly occurs as a tesseract effect. Any changes in energy or matter within the field can cause a feedback pulse that may result in another frequency being selected or a shift in frequency bandwidth and that could alter any of the time, space and dimensional values.

(Gamemaster Note: The name of the device or drive is decided:
Quantum Resonance Translocation Apparatus aka Q.R.T.A “sounds like quarter” though that will be revealed In Character at an appropriate time. If you have any suggestions, or want to discuss character ideas, come join us on our Discord: Simming Imperium )

The When:
At the first mission this is all set in the Prime Universe in 2390. However, once the dimensional jumping starts the crew will end up in any universe and or timeline.

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This site will be using many Ranksets from Kuro-RPG all credit goes to the images' creators.
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Latest News Items

» Then There Were Two... Mission Restart Pending

Posted on Fri Jul 5th, 2024 @ 4:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Lochlan Noir [GM] in Sim Announcement

Well its just me, acting commanding officer Noir and computer systems consultant Zanzi now. sadface
I asked if Zanzi would like to restart and they agreed so we are. Thanks for staying with me Zanzi!

Any potential players reading this be advised that we will have a timer based awakening from stasis theming for all Alternate Universe characters. It will be randomly selected but all done within a 2 days timeframe. Awakenings will be separate posts however with the acting commanding officer and medical officer npc, of course if any player characters want to be present they can be.

We will do our best to get you into our story. While you wait you can work with me, the GM, on your 'How'd You Get Into Stasis' backpost. This post will be used to explain the Alternate Universe your character came from and potentially give us a baseline to have a mission in your AU should the station return, you will be herded into a stasis pod and then put to sleep. I have a fun way to prevent characters returning to their home universes that will be revealed when we do one of these special missions.

I will be doing a new Mission Start post soon though we will most likely rewrite Zanzi's and her npc companion's awakening posts so stay tuned and hope to sim with you, please join us all senior officer/director positions are open. AU civilians can be granted provisional ranks in order to allow them to be better received by the Prime Starfleet crew that will be supporting Player characters.

Any AU rank systems can be added and applied so don't be afraid to keep non-starfleet ranks.


» Departure

Posted on Thu Mar 28th, 2024 @ 7:27pm by Lieutenant Commander Lochlan Noir [GM] in Sim Announcement

Sadly Absinthe who plays Lieutenant Heather Honey, our CMO has resigned, we wish them well and hope that they could some day rejoin us.

» New Players

Posted on Sun Mar 10th, 2024 @ 4:37pm by Lieutenant Commander Lochlan Noir [GM] in Sim Announcement

Belatedly I want to officially welcome , Absinthe who plays Lieutenant Heather Honey, our new CMO.
Exciting that we have another new player joining today, Kuna who plays Aspen Nova, a Medically certified civilian Counselor.

Welcome, welcome!

» Awesome News

Posted on Sat Jul 2nd, 2022 @ 12:13pm by Lieutenant Commander Lochlan Noir [GM] in Sim Announcement

Please welcome Rich, he will be playing a few NPCs (if he wishes) and mainly Lieutenant JG Dorian Williams, our Chief Engineer.
YAY welcome man!

» We Have Started... Belated News

Posted on Thu Jan 20th, 2022 @ 10:49am by Lieutenant Commander Lochlan Noir [GM] in Sim Announcement

We have launched, exciting!

I'm looking forward to seeing where we go with this SIM and having fun with the various counterparts of our characters as well as canon ones if we are so inclined to include them. Since we are independent we may do as we wish unless any of you are uncomfortable with using canon characters' counterparts. In which case we don't have to.

So we are already onboard Starbase 616 and soon will be on our way into the multiverse... Maybe I should have called the SIM: Star Trek Multiverse. Damn it is a nice name. Well we can change it if you all feel like it is a better name then Interdimensional.


Latest Mission Posts

» Getting Some Sunlight

Mission: Interdimensional Archives
Posted on Wed May 8th, 2024 @ 2:52pm by Lieutenant Commander Lochlan Noir [GM] & Lieutenant JG Corus Sprint [GM] & Lieutenant JG Jem Lockley [GM] & Ensign Qaylan Furlong [Adoptable][GM] & Cenva Zanzi & Lieutenant JG Bennington Biraka [Zanzi] & Kevin Hatch [Zanzi] & Lieutenant JG Thaddeus Quint MD [GM] & Ensign Anastasia Targus [Adoptable] & Ensign Geno [Adoptable]


OOC: Welcome Aspen, she'll have some time to adjust before we go in. Insert her wherever you can and like below we can re-write whatever we need to to get both characters into the post.

This time the E-team was Noir, Lockley, Furlong, Quint, Biraka, Targus, Geno, Sprint, several…

» Trouble Comes

Mission: Interdimensional Archives
Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2023 @ 8:38am by Lieutenant Commander Lochlan Noir [GM] & Cenva Zanzi & Kevin Hatch [Zanzi]


A day or two of more peace and quiet, though still the Righteous being locked down Lochlan mused that the crew were growing bored.

Lochlan decided to hold off on more awakenings, at least for another day, he stood at the command post situation table. The exploration of the…

» Prolonged Stress

Mission: Interdimensional Archives
Posted on Sat Sep 2nd, 2023 @ 10:59am by Lieutenant Commander Lochlan Noir [GM] & Lieutenant JG Jem Lockley [GM]

on (A Day Later)

With Cenva and Kevin added to their working guest list, along with another day passed of somewhat peaceful unsuccessful efforts to regaining full control of their ship, the Righteous which was docked inside the station, the Shadow still had control over the communications, engines and weapons…

» Back to Comforts

Mission: Interdimensional Archives
Posted on Sun May 7th, 2023 @ 2:03pm by Game Master

“Finally,” Dae said as he turned to face the two men behind him, “are what we got in the way of quarters for you.” He opened the door to show the interior. It was, Talrian surmised, junior officer quarters. Shared living space, walled away privacy for sleeping quarters, and another…

» Hatching A Plan Part 2/2

Mission: Enter Starbase 616
Posted on Tue May 2nd, 2023 @ 12:38am by Lieutenant JG Talrian Bran & Master Warrant Officer Bhen Dae [Bran] & Lieutenant Commander Lochlan Noir [GM] & Lieutenant JG Thaddeus Quint MD [GM]


"Define monster," Talrian said while he glared at his young sergeant who was waving a medical tricorder device around him. As usual the young man hadn't asked or told him what he was doing, he just walked up and started doing it.

"If I knew exactly what it was,…