The Sim

Each mission will be in an alternate universe! How exciting. Depending on goals in each mission it may be extended or reduced in duration. In Character time of each mission is a week, though that may be changed either by player vote or GM discretion.

There is a storyline that spans the alternate universes but each one will have plots tailored to those universes however similar they are to previous or future plots. As always plot and alternate universe suggestions are welcome from players, the more detailed the better.

Due to the nature of this sim some features of the station may seem overpowered, that is because the level of technology is advanced that these features can be employed. The station is not from the Prime universe so please keep that in mind. More information on the alternate universe that the station is from will become available as the storyline progresses.

In mission plots there are points where a Player Vote is called and while it is optional, it is encouraged, to vote on the direction the plots take. Some may lead back to an unvoted for option but with slight changes. These Player Votes will have a week or 2 voting time, if so desired the players can elect to let the GM pick a direction. However, if there is a draw in the vote the GM can vote but otherwise will remain neutral.

Of course players may suggest new options as well. If you would like to know more, please do Contact Us or join our Discord: Simming Imperium

This is currently the cutaway of the Watchtower class station:

Details on the schematic may change but an announcement will be made. If players have any suggestions on changes or additions please do consult the GM on discord or PM. Thanks.