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Cenva Zanzi

Name Cenva Zanzi

Position Computer Systems Specialist

Character Information

Gender Female
Species (Please consult with GM about hybrids) Ardanan
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'0" / 1.524m
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Cenva is on the small side in both form and stature. She has wavy, brown hair that reaches mid-back. Various scars cover her body; however they can be covered with modest clothing.


Father Amron
Mother Zufa

Personality & Traits

General Overview (Personal Attributes, Values, Learned Languages and Life Skills) From a young age, Cenva was exposed to a lot of different languages throughout the alpha quadrant. However, she was exposed to the written format, and most often as a computer programming language, which doesn’t always translate to the spoken word properly. She speaks standard, and any other language she might try is very broken and incorrectly pronounced.

She does not speak freely.

She is highly skilled with computers. She has limited skills in piloting small space craft.

Cenva also knows how to tend a bar.
Traits (Strengths/Weaknesses) & Leisure Profile (Hobbies/Interests) Cenva prefers to wear her hair down. If it must be worn up, it must be fully pinned to her head as she doesn't like to have her hair pulled.

She enjoys various forms of dance. She used her knowledge of mixed drinks to find temporary employment after leaving the service of Shriken.
Personal & Career Goals (Short & Long Term) Prior to crossing into a different universe, Cenva's main goal was to stay off the radar as she tried to pass herself off as an outcast elite rather than an escaped slave. Her stolen funding for the lifestyle and a fear of being caught keep her from relaxing.

She wants to keep her freedom and to feel safe. She is willing to work as long as there are no shackles on her wrists and the compensation is fair.

Alternate Universe History (Only fill out if your character is found in Stasis) AU: Zanbar Universe

In this universe, slavery is a fact of life, an accepted part of alpha quadrant economy and trade. This universe diverged from Prime at multiple vectors. In every instance, when the ethics of slavery would come into question, the side opposed to keeping sentient beings as property would lose to those who benefited from ownership.

Across the alpha quadrant, a handful of planets did not engage in slavery practices. Often, these planets would become a harvesting ground for fresh bodies for the slave trade. An example of one of these planets is Betazed - telepathy created a society of empathy, honesty, and peace between the people where slavery did not grow. When Betazed stepped out into space, traders stepped in to gather the resources.

Ardana was another planet that was very popular to cull slaves from. Near the mines on the planet’s surface, the troglyte people could be easily gathered and taken to slave vessels. Once away from the planet, the aliens proved to be easily trained, reliable, and quite intelligent.

Society is divided into several major classifications. Each of these classes can be further subdivided to create a hierarchy within each class.

The upper class elite control and hold ownership of vast amounts of lands and resources. They own most of the slave population. Within their society, you will find politicians, artists, scientists, and engineers. The justice system is also controlled here.

The middle class are individuals who are free to conduct business and earn money, though their resources are far more restricted than the upper class. Often, laws make it difficult for them to truly succeed in business. They tend to be tradesmen, agriculturalists, and service technicians. They work in public service fields and administrative positions. Slave traders can also be found within this class.

The final division are the slaves. Many people are born into slavery and others have been recruited to the role by slave traders. It is rare that a person is released from slavery. Slaves can be responsible for menial labor such as construction, food service, or janitorial duties.

Slaves can also be educated. If given an education, they have been used for software programming, technologies and scientific research, administrative duties and more.

The issues of slave rights is raised occassionally, normally by the middle class and rarely by the slaves, never by the upper class. When slaves began to receive an education, this outraged the middle class as slaves were now able to fulfill roles the middle class had been responsible for.

From the perspective of a slave, however, there are few concerns. Slaves are provided room and board, do not pay taxes, receive full health care and generally have few worries. This may not be a true representation of a slave’s perspective as these points are presented by the elite.

Starfleet exists in this universe to enforce borders, negotiate trade, and oversee the administration of laws. Officers are usually from the upper echelons of the middle class and family members of the elite. Starfleet operates under the umbrella of the United Syndicate Organization.

The United Syndicate Organization includes many of the alpha quadrant properties. It began when first contact was made between the Orions and Humans and a union was formed.

The Beta Conglomerate is a union between the Romulans, Vulcans, and Klingons. The BC is opposed to the practice of slavery and strictly control their borders to prevent slave vessels from collecting citizens from their lands. Runaway slaves are invited to seek asylum here.

The Cardassia Combine is a union between the Cardassians and the Bajorans. They, likewise, are opposed to slavery. Unlike the AC, escaped slaves are not welcomed and, when found, they have a return policy with the USO.
Personal History (Childhood, Adolescence & Adulthood Experiences Before Starfleet or Civilian Career) Cenva was born into slavery under fairly favorable conditions. She was raised under the tutelage of her parents and several mentors, learning various programming languages for a security service. They also worked on AI and environmental systems.

Around the time she was fifteen years old, her owner (Laxa Sejak) died and his slaves became property of the estate. Laxa’s family had irreconcilable differences and decided to sell all assets of the state, including his slaves, rather than continuing the successful business. For the first time, Cenva was separated from her family.

Over the next years, she was sold several times - normally because her services were no longer needed, but once because the owner needed to quickly liquidate assets.

When she was nearing twenty-three years of age, her employer came under attack from an outside force. While the security protections she had in place held strong, the physical structures didn’t. The perimeter was breached and she lost consciousness due to a gas attack.

When she woke, Cenva found herself as the property of a corporation that operated under questionable morals and she was apprenticed to assist with various thefts and underhanded dealings throughout the alpha quadrant. Eventually, she became the sole assistant to a man named Shriken, one of the primary assault officers of the corporation.

Free will was not a concept that Cenva encountered often. Shriken treated Cenva well enough on their missions, but he also tempered kindness with a heavy hand. After a series of egregious events, Cenva decided it was time to change her circumstances.

She walked Shriken into a trap and left via the craft they arrived in. Since that time, she has a deep paranoia that Shriken will find her to repay her for the betrayal. This is a valid concern as he managed to escape from the correctional house three months after his capture.
Starfleet Service Record AND/OR Civilian Career History For approximately three months prior to moving between universes, Cenva had taken up a position in Starfleet as a civilian computer technician.