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Lieutenant JG Talrian Bran

Name Talrian Bran

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species (Please consult with GM about hybrids) Trill (joined)
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 210
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Tall and athletically built, Talrian has short cropped dark brown hair and hazel eyes on the side of dark honey. While he is professional most of the time, he can have an easy smile. On duty he's in an impeccable UoD, while off duty he tends toward more casual, relaxed clothing - mostly PT type - unless he needs to dress for an occasion.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Talrius Itzoh
Mother Inarian Itzoh
Siblings(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview (Personal Attributes, Values, Learned Languages and Life Skills) Serious, dedicated and military minded. Talrian is usually cool and reserved but will occasionally open up around those he knows well. He's intielligent, educated and as such does not suffer fools or idiots well. He's also direct, forthright and honest to a fault. He remains a Deontologist due to his previous host's strong philosophy background.
Traits (Strengths/Weaknesses) & Leisure Profile (Hobbies/Interests) Combat oriented
Not afraid to speak his mind (where appropriate)
Loyal and dedicated
Has been indoctrinated with two lifetimes worth of Marine discipline
Follows orders given without outward evidence of hesitation unless they are clearly illegal, immoral or doing so would be detrimental to his crew's safety.

Obvious Interests & Hobbies: physical and martial training (to include forms of armed and unarmed combat), the study of galactic history and philosophy, military history

Less Obvious Interests & Hobbies: camping, hiking, adventure holonovels, studying, various sports
Personal & Career Goals (Short & Long Term) His only ambition is to be the best person he can be.
Miscellaneous Information (Anything Else You'd Like To Share) He holds an honorary masters degree in philosophy due to previous host.

While he consciously wants to cure the Imperfect Joining, both he and the symbiont have failed to do so at this time.

Alternate Universe History (Only fill out if your character is found in Stasis) History of this universe, it was discovered, diverged when the Andorians refused to join in an alliance with the Vulcans and Tellerites since they were with the Terrans. In reality, it was an excuse as Andor was not ready to end their hostilities with the Vulcans at this time. Terrans, Tellerites and Vulcans formed what would become the System Alliance. Andor, Breen and eventually the Cardassians would form their own alliance. This divide threw the galaxy into a constant state of war or heightened tensions.

The Romulans would eventually work to reunite with Vulcan under a two state agreement which also ended the Klingon/Romulan hostilities. For the longest time, Klingons were neutral in the conflicts but the Andorian alliance pushed into territory Klingons considered theirs and hence the Klingons became a strong ally of the System Alliance. During the Cardassian invasion of Bajor, the System Alliance interfered and fought off the Cardassians, preventing the Bajoran Occupation (and therefore never discovering the wormhole or Celestial Temple decades later). This was what forced the Cardassians to become full allies with Andor and Breen and ultimately formed the Allied Federation.
Personal History (Childhood, Adolescence & Adulthood Experiences Before Starfleet or Civilian Career) Talrian Itzoh was born on Trill as the only child between Talrius and Inarian Itzoh. His parents met as Initiates vying to become Joined. Neither were ultimately selected for the program to the eternal dismay of Inarian. Later, friends and family would consider the marriage was more of convenience for Inarian than anything else.

From an early age Inarian pushed her only child in ways she felt she should have been as a child to become a stronger initiate. This created a lonely and mostly friendless environment for the young child. Every aspect of his life, to include what friends he was allowed to have, appropriate ‘toys’ for play and even his hobbies and social interactions were all tightly controlled by Inarian. Talrius seemed absent during much of t his time, not that it would have mattered if he had been there.

As he grew, Talrian greatly resented how it seemed his mother desired a symbiont more than she did a child and his resentment toward the idea of becoming Joined grew into deep bitterness. While still a minor he had little choice but he was able to gain some semblance of control when it came time to become an Initiate and test. By this time he had already finished primary schooling and his undergraduate work with a double in History and Xeno History. However, despite being a promising candidate, Talrian purposefully screwed his program. While it was no secret to him he failed, it infuriated his mother.

As his final act of revenge against her, he did the thing he felt would be the very last thing she would approve of him doing on his 17th birthday and the day he gained majority status - he joined the Federation Marine Corps. Though, as he held a degree and continued working on a masters in History, he could easily have gone to OCS and started as an officer, Talrian decided instead to go enlisted and ‘lose himself’ in the lower decks of the Corps.

Once he enlisted and left for training, he ceased having contact with his mother and only rare, infrequent contact with his father. Eventually even that faded away.

After basic and infantry training, he bounced around from unit to unit, not wishing to excel or stand out because it remind him too much of his childhood. However, he was finally transferred to a company under the command of Captain Bran. The captain, on a chance meeting with the young Trill instantly recognized much of himself in the young man. He too was pushed toward the Initiate program by parents seeking better for their child. Unlike Talrian, however, Bran was much more compliant to his parents’s wishes and was only marginally accepted. He became the first Host for a new symbiont. If not for that, he may not have been able to be Joined. The young Bran symbiont wanted to experience thrills and adventure so after they were Joined, Bran joined the Corps as well. He also Joined as enlisted.

For Bran, the joining seemed to be a godsend. He become stronger in will, more confident and all around improved. So it would seem. Bran kept Talrian in his company and began grooming him for the officer position he felt the intelligent, educated and dedicated Marine deserved to become. Those plans came to a ruin when Bran was injured on a combat mission. The host body would not survive and no shuttle would arrive within the time frame to save the symbiont. Despite his complete rejection of becoming Joined as a young man, Talrian wanted to do what he could to save the man who had done so much for him.

This was when it was discovered the first Host was much worse than first suspected. The host was completely subsumed by the Bran symbiont rather than it be an equal merger of the two into a new whole.

Whether from the strong wills of both new host and symbiont or the emergency and ‘frontier’ nature of the surgery to join the two, an Imperfect Joining was created. For most Trill who become joined, the personality of the host and the symbiont (changed each time by the joining to a new host) usually meld together to form an entirely new personality or person. While memories and knowledge may drift from host to host, no host is ever the same person as they were before the Joining and no symbiont would be the same as they were past the Joining. In the case of an Imperfect Joining, the melding of the host and symbiont into a new personality is slightly fractured. Elements from the host and the symbiont remain separate from the new Joining.

In this case, Talrian will refer to himself as “Talrian” the symbiont as “Bran” (and third person). He will often slip, when referring to the combined entity as second person (we, us) etc.

By the time this Imperfect Joining was noticed it was too late to surgically fix. Talrian is often tested and in a form of therapy to help the two beings completely integrate. Events, however, would greatly interfere with this form of treatment.

In deference to Trill law and custom, Talrian Bran was transferred out of his unit to another. Here he was allowed to flourish (the Joining eradicated his reticence in ‘standing out’). He became much more combat and special forces focused and, due to showing his leadership and ability, was finally transferred to OCS to become an officer.

Talrian continued to serve well until he was sent to a new training and then a new assignment. The Atlantic a science focused starship was being sent to unexplored reaches of the Alpha Quadrant. Due to the unexplored and therefor unknown threat assessment of the region, the distance and how the ship could be days away from help, Starfleet decided they needed security with better combat experience than the normal starship. To this end, and borrowing from the Fleet Marine Forces idea, Talrian and a group of Marines were transferred to the Atlantic as Starfleet Security.

A move which did not thrill the captain of the ship. Nor Bran and his Marine, now Fleeter, command. However, all parties were told they would need to accept the situation as it was the orders Starfleet were giving.

After several months into the assignment, the Atlantic noticed odd readings coming from the region near a quasar. Upon investigation, the readings turned out to be a spatial rift. A strange ship emerged and immediately set fire upon the Atlantic. During the battle, the Atlantic drifted too close to the rift and were dragged through.

The Atlantic found themselves in a new dimension where things were very much different. To begin, their ship was the most technologically advanced ship for the area and time period. Which left the crew to believe they were dragged through time as well as space. Soon, however, they would discover they were in the same general time frame, only the history of the universe was vastly different which stymied technological improvement.

Things such as advanced warp engines, transporters, replicators, advanced medical technology/procedures were either in their dangerous infancy or non-existent.

At the point of Atlantic’s arrival into this universe, the SA and Federation were in full scale hostility. The Atlantic was first contacted and brought under the wing of the SA and, since no evidence of the rift was available, nor was there sufficient technology in this universe to create another, the Atlantic was brought into the SA.

Talrian and his team were on an assignment when the Atlantic came under heavy attack and retreated. It would be the last time Talrian and his team would see their ship. They were eventually rescued by SA forces and returned to their home base, only to learn the Atlantic was never heard from again. Whether it was destroyed in the last attack or somewhere far away would be a question that was never answered.

Talrian and his team continued serving as members of the SA military for the next six years. The team would be, tragically, whittled down to just four through casualties and debilitating injuries. Until the final mission when the team would go MIA and presumed dead, entirely.
Starfleet Service Record AND/OR Civilian Career History Has served as:

Marine NCO/Officer
Starfleet Officer
Systems Alliance Officer