Posted on Sun Feb 11th, 2024 @ 11:06pm by Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris

330 words; about a 2 minute read

"Personal Log entry, I've requested transfer from Delta Base to the next available ship. When I was approached for this post I thought it would be more adventurous or exciting than before. Alex and I could have remained on Earth and just taken vacations to new places instead of sitting here doing the same thing day after day on an asteroid."

Jason stood up from the console and walked over to the replicator. "Ginger ale, cold." The replicator took a second to process the command then materialized the drink, Jason grabbed the glass and took a sip while walking back over to his console.

He sat down in front of the console and sat back sipping his drink. "This post was supposed to be exciting and bring the light back into Alex's eyes. I remember when he was four going on five and we got posted to Exeter, He was so excited to be going into the stars." Jason closed his eyes and he placed the glass on his chest, held by both hands, and laid his head back with a smile on his lips.

The smile left his lips as he thought of the base. "Instead now that the cool new base feel has worn off he has a frown on his face a lot more than I'd like." Jason raised his head to take a sip and then laid it back down again. " I told him we could find and go to new places, meet new people and have more fun but the only open spot was on Delta Base itself." Jason shook his head slightly as he pondered.

"I hope I've made the right choices when it comes down to it. When we get back from this mission Alex is gonna be an adult and I hope he never leaves my home. I'd rather keep him my little boy forever." Jason raised his head and took another sip of the cold Ginger ale. "End Personal Long entry."



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