[PRE-LAUNCH] Stardate 55344.506 | USS PIONEER; Mckinley Station

Posted on Thu May 7th, 2020 @ 9:19am by Lieutenant Commander Thyrza Keer

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Mckinley Station
Medical Officer's Log/Personal Log

I have been in high spirits since my arrival on the USS Pioneer and continue to be as Medbay is looking better and better. I reorganised everything in a manner befitting an emergency and tactical response. Medicines, both synthesized by the ship and those I have been preparing by hand for herbal and pharmaceutical use, especially those needed for critical patients, are now more readily accessed. I've been growing the flora myself and I have always had a delicate touch when it comes to plants. Much to Engineering's amusement, I've set up hydroponic nodules and compartments, latticework, and the like both in my private quarters and in my office. Everything has a medicinal use. Even the orchids I collected Trill where our home still stands have proper uses. I never plan without a goal. This one is for the very worst case but I have been studying the old ways of healing since I was a child.

Just in case.

I would, however, enjoy the use of small site to site transporters or synth units to cut down delay time but I fear that would be overkill. Using it to grabbed tagged samples and the like might be promising. I do adore technology but it does not mean I am reliant solely on it. Hrm. And now let's speak about the biobed because I certainly did not get a kick out of the technical aspects of cooking that up.

With the help of Engineering, I have designed a better biobed to make sure that each and every bed can be equipped for surgical intervention if needed, including a sterilising partition that can be activated to keep patient and caregivers sterile from outside contaminants. Each bed is fully mobile with antigrav nodules for a lift and place procedure - with less oomph needed than the usual. They are a delicate touch and require less strength to move them which means no more frowning faces when I ask someone to be moved.

We now have dedicated two operating room suites. I'd have opted for another but we need the existing beds for less emergent patients. I am, I think, very much a prepare for the worst doctor. I have seen some of the worst out there and performed some of the most complicated surgery in battlefield settings so I have a decent grasp on what that looks like.

Updates will be done on several other suites and in the chapel, making sure we have as many texts on hand as people are interested in. I am still pursuing my own love of the universes' religions and have begun my study on Earth's people. I was directed to the use of a series of books and essays on the nature and 'face' of God by an early 21st-century philosopher scholar called Joseph Campbell who used it to explore the world of comparative world mythology as a whole. I am going to find it all so very fascinating, I have no doubt of that.

It is a concept close to my heart as I come from Vulcan but also from Trill.

People are a collective of beings, each one of us, those of us on missions like the one we shall shortly embark upon, we have always looked to the stars. We look for adventure, companionship, discovery, we look too, to run from those things we dislike, to forge our own destinies and break from the mould expectation has placed upon us as a people. We're explorers born, bred, or even accidental.

These logs are the beginning of our own myths and legends, our journey into the unknown.



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