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Joining A New Ship Part 1/3

Posted on Fri Jul 5th, 2024 @ 1:12am by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris
Edited on on Fri Jul 5th, 2024 @ 1:12am

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Mission: M2: Culture Shock
Location: Delta Base
Timeline: After "A Farewell" and "A Few Rearrangements"


Delta Base

Having left the Pioneer again, Cronin materialized on the transporter platform that was conveniently located next to the Fleet Support office. It was busy as officers walked by and antigrav sleds were pushed by in a hurry. The base was still being worked on, rebuilt, extended and so on. Cronin attempted to stay out of the way as he entered the Fleet Support offices and went to the Personnel department corridor.

Once inside one of the available offices, Cronin greeted the personnel coordinator who replied with a tired grunt but attempted a redo once they looked up to see a Captain in their office. "At ease," Cronin countered quickly. "I know you are busy, apologies for interrupting but are there any senior Security officers interested in becoming a Chief? Mine is transferring back to the base today."

"The Pioneer right sir?"

Cronin nodded.

"Ah, yes the transfer has been approved and logged, sorry to hear you lost a senior officer and a MACO team, I'm sure another team would be interested in ship duty." The coordinator said, "as for a chief candidate for Security/Tactical," they tapped at their computer for a few moments to bring up profiles. "I have one, the base's Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris has put in a request for ship duty and so is currently off duty."

"Ah excellent, I shall go meet him, thank you for your help." Cronin said and smiled, he turned then recalled he had to find a new Chief Engineer as with Lieutenant Riss dropping the role and no others wanting to step up he had to look outside his crew. "Oh do you have any Engineers looking to be a Chief as well?"

The coordinator frowned as they accessed the transfers database but suddenly smiled. "I do actually, Lieutenant Commander Paisley F'rar, she's the base's Assistant Chief Engineer and has put in a request to join a ship."

"Isn't she involved in the Base's reconstruction?" Cronin asked not wanting to take important staff away from their base of operations construction efforts which pretty much is top priority. Without the base at full functionality any hostility wouldn't be easy to counter.

"I think she is supervising but left most of the work to the Corps of Engineers personnel," the coordinator replied, "so it shouldn't be too much of a problem to approve her request as there are a few Engineers looking to advance."

"Ah, that's good to know. Thank you for your time again." Cronin smiled.

"Treat them well Captain."

"Of course, take care," Cronin gave a little wave as he turned and left to go collect Jason and Paisley.

Delta Base, Mess Hall

Jason and Alex took their trays to a table next to the window, they sat down on either side and placed the trays in front of them. "So a couple of ships are coming back today to resupply and drop off a few things, maybe one of them will need us and we can go explore." Jason told Alex as they both started to eat the cheeseburgers, Jason double cheeseburger was dripping with sauce, his extra pickles and jalapenos, Alex single cheeseburger was also dripping but only with sauce and pickles.

"You said that was what this base was gonna be Dad, and adventure and exploration into an unexplored place." Alex took another bite getting some sauce on his face which he tried licking away.

Jason took a napkin, reaching across the table and wiped the sauce off for Alex he said. "I know, and I'm sorry, I really thought it would be a good move for us. I think a ship position is a better idea, If the Admiral would have offered it instead it could have been better." Jason took another bite of his burger getting some sauce on his face as well. Alex wasting no time took a napkin and reached across to wipe the sauce somewhat off of his dads face.

The two continued their meal wiping each others faces the entire time.

After some walking Cronin found the Mess Hall that this Jason Morris was in, he entered and glanced around. He checked the padd he had commandeered from Personnel office and the face matched the profile picture. Cronin noticed a younger man with Jason. The adopted son as detailed in the profile, he wondered how that conversation went.

In any case Cronin walked over, he hated interrupting people eating but time was of the essence for their next mission was very soon.

"Apologies for the interruption Lieutenant Commander Morris, Master Morris." Cronin greeted the two at the table, the padd now behind his back as he stood half a metre away but positioned between them so they didn't have to change their seating to look at him.

Jason turned towards the voice calling to him with some sauce on his lips and cheek still, while Alex missed Jason's face with the napkin and wiped his neck with the dirty napkin getting some sauce on him. Jason ignored it mess, 'Hello Captain, how can we help you?" he asked without looking away from from the Captain that just addressed him.

Alex pulled the dirty napkin down and grabbed a clean one, reaching over towards his dad and handed him the napkin without saying anything and looking down at the table.

Jason looked at Alex to take the napkin from him, giving his hand a small squeeze in reassurance, then used the napkin to wipe his face and his neck. When he felt he wiped enough away he looked back at the captain.

The whole sauce thing going on reminded Cronin of a date he had with Ailig that had similar sauciness being everywhere. He couldn't help but smile for a moment at the scene. After another moment Cronin blinked and kept his smile. "I see you put in a request for a shipboard position," he said.

Jason nodded. "Yes sir, we did." he said standing up to pull out one of the chairs. "Please sir, have a seat." he said gesturing to the chair. "Alex and I started on the Exeter and we had a great time seeing new places all the time. When we got to Starfleet Academy it was an easy place to live having access to so much. Lately we have been feeling a pull to travel the stars again and what better way then to go into uncharted territory like the Enterprise." Jason slowed his speaking to let Alex jump in if he wanted but his head was still down so Jason walked to the other side and put it hands on Alex's shoulders. "I thought the posting on the station would be enough but I was wrong, we seem to be craving the ships again sir." Jason speaking looking down at Alex for a second the back up to the Captain.

He held out his hand with the palm facing Jason as he declined the invitation to join them. "I understand completely, I had similar situations during my career." Cronin said in order to connect with them better. "Well I am Cronin Keys, commanding officer of the Starship Pioneer and I'm here to grant your wish. I need a Chief Security/Tactical Officer," he finished and decided not to explain why as it may scare Jason off. "There will be military training involved for the entire department as a MACO team will be part of the department and supervising the training program."

"Thank you sir, I gladly accept." Jason said with a bright smile, again looking down at Alex. "The training wont be a problem. I was a martial arts instructor at the academy, some of my students were MACO and I was tasked with assisting some of them in continued studies." Jason looked up at Captain Keys. "Is there any special training or information I should have before arriving on the ship sir, you said they will supervise training of the department, am I to defer to MACOs in other situations as well?"

Cronin tilted his head ever so slight as he gave it some thought. "While I hope we don't actually require their specific assistance during our missions, I'd prefer they be part of all Security and Tactical duties both onboard and on away missions. They are to report to you, though they are primarily with us to train the Security department. As long as the training schedule is met, you may utilize their presence as needed, though I may have to give them direct orders on occasion." He smiled with pleasure for Jason is joining his senior officers line up.

"I have to collect my new Chief Engineer if you don't mind coming along Commander?" He asked brought the padd from behind his back to look at it. "She is a Cardassian-Bajoran, and I have approved her request. We shall go get her once you and Alex are ready to go."

Jason nodded at the Captain as he explained the organization and requirements of the department. Nodding again, he looked down at the meal he and Alex had pretty much finished before Captain Keys arrived. Leaning down so Alex could hear him more clearly. "Alex, head to our quarters and make sure you've packed everything okay. We will be going onto the ship today." Jason let go of Alex's shoulders and stepped to the side letting him go.

Alex stood up and his dad. "We've had everything packed except some clothes for everyday use Dad, you had us packed for forever." Alex hugged Jason while saying this, then turned and took off at a jog.

Jason shook his head with a smile and looked at Captain Keys, "Shall we find our wayward officer, sir?"

"Let's," Cronin nodded and gestured for the two men to walk with him.

To Be Continued…


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