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Wakey Wakey Kevin Part 1/2

Posted on Sun Apr 30th, 2023 @ 10:38am by Lieutenant Commander Lochlan Noir [GM] & Lieutenant JG Talrian Bran & Cenva Zanzi & Lieutenant JG Bennington Biraka [Zanzi] & Kevin Hatch [Zanzi] & Lieutenant JG Thaddeus Quint MD [GM]

1,002 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: Enter Starbase 616
Location: Starbase 616, Stasis Chambers, Medical Center
Timeline: After "Being The Cenva Of Attention Part 2/2"


Again, the group returned to the Stasis deck. It was getting old, Lochlan mused, as he assumed the same place by the medical station they set up after the correct pod was pointed out. Like before, Doctor Quint supervised the process with Counselor Biraka aiding, and of course Captain Bran to provide security along with a few officers to help.

So far nothing bad happened but that could change, Lochlan knew, but he had confidence in his security personnel to keep them all safe. "Whenever you are ready, Doctor," he said and turned to Cenva. "May I request you help us by talking to your companion and guide them to assist us off this station with the rest of the people in Stasis?"

"And to allow us to determine that they are physically well through a few medical exams? I'd hate to miss them, and something happens to them because of any side effects from Stasis." Thad added with a concerned expression. The doctor gave a half smile, "please?"

Cenva's head tilted while a quizzical expression crossed her face. Had they already forgotten the conversation in the sickbay, she wondered. "Chances are, he'll be far more reasonable than me." She looked around the rest of the room, scanning the area for the monsters she suspected were hiding in the shadows while holding steady next to the pod Kevin resided in.

Lochlan smiled at Cenva. "You know him, we don't." He nodded to the medical staff. "Proceed."

The process was actually already happening, it would only take a few minutes to complete. It passed kind of slowly for Lochlan as he watched the pad, finally it opened, and Thaddeus got to work with a few scans before Kevin woke up.

Biraka stepped closer with a hypo. Cenva stopped him before he could press it to Kevin's neck. "What's that?" she asked.

"It counteracts the sedative that's in his system," Biraka explained, then delivered the medication.

Cenva waited, fidgeting with nervous energy, watching Kevin's eyes open. He moved, his hands reaching up to rub the sleep from his blue eyes. Then, he noticed the crowd around him and gave a small jump. "Whoa."

His smile was hesitant. He looked at everyone assembled before settling on the highest rank he recognized, "Captain Noir, I'm sorry... What happened?"

Cenva's eyes narrowed at those words, and she glared at the man Kevin addressed.

Talrian's shock was palpable as he heard the man from the pod address the commander directly and by name. His hand, from years of training, action and experience, went to where he would normally have a service weapon in a thigh holster, only his hand slid away with nothing there to grip. "You know each other?" he growled, wondering what was going on here.

Dae, however, did have a service weapon and he did grab his, stepping closer and slightly in front of Noir, as far as Talrian was concerned. The two men glared at each other, but Dae held his weapon in a low ready, not yet covering the other man. Though, he too was confused as he'd been with Noir since the ship left the base and he'd never seen this man before. "Commander?" he asked, keeping the others in his peripheral to ensure shenanigans were kept to a minimum.

"Wait... you know him?" Cenva stepped forward and made it into Kevin's view.

Kevin looked at Cenva, surprised, "The captain? Of course. I served under him on the Righteous just a few months ago... right before we were transferred. You've met him; don't you remember?"

"No..." she answered, though now she was doubting her own memory.

Lochlan smiled. "I'm afraid you have me mixed up with another Noir. I'm a Lieutenant Commander. But it is nice to see my counterpart reach Captain. I wonder what I did or didn't do." He said. "And the same ship as well." He gestured to Kevin. "Unfortunately, you are in a different universe. With your permission, I must insist that my medical staff check you out, since this station is actually from a different universe, we are unsure of if the stasis technology could affect people after use."

"Umm," Kevin rubbed his eyebrows while he tried to process the situation. Waking to a bunch of men (and Cenva) staring at him, then promptly being told that he was in a different universe - that was a lot to process. "Sure," he waved a hand, dismissive of his thoughts, "sure, I consent to a medical exam." He took in a breath, catching the eye of Cenva and exchanged a confused look with her. All she had to offer was a useless shrug as he moved to the gurney.

"Excellent," Lock said with a smile.

Thaddeus worked alongside Biraka as they moved Kevin.

==Treatment Center==

Once they got situated and Thaddeus got to work on the scans along with Biraka, Lochlan stood on the other side so he could talk with Kevin and Cenva. "So could you tell me what your experience was?"

The haze of waking from the pod was starting to clear, "I'm still a bit foggy as to what happened, exactly," Kevin admitted while checking with Cenva. She seemed to have clammed up after her momentary outburst on the station. "I suppose, going back to before boarding the station, our ship... We serve on the USO Gallanston," he interjected before continuing. "We were investigating unusual sensor readings when we discovered a space station that was rather out of place. Cenva and I were sent to investigate. Cenva likes computers and while she found a working console, I started to look around for any forms of life... I really don't remember anything after that... waking up to a lot of men staring at me." He blushed and shrugged. "That's definitely weird."

"You screamed like a heliot seji was going to eat you," Cenva added to his story in her minimalistic way. Then warned, "There's a monster on that station."

To Be Continued...


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