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Being The Cenva Of Attention Part 2/2

Posted on Wed Oct 26th, 2022 @ 12:25am by Lieutenant Commander Lochlan Noir [GM] & Lieutenant JG Talrian Bran & Cenva Zanzi & Lieutenant JG Bennington Biraka [Zanzi] & Master Warrant Officer Bhen Dae [Bran] & Petty Officer 2nd Class Jeremiah Corvus [Bran] & Kevin Hatch [Zanzi] & Lieutenant JG Thaddeus Quint MD [GM]

1,283 words; about a 6 minute read

Mission: Enter Starbase 616
Location: Starbase 616, Treatment Center, Medical
Timeline: After "Wakey Wakey Cenva"


Lochlan had been able to dodge it all, though the smell had managed to cause him to gag at least once before he regained control after a surprise like that. He got further out of the way as the Counselor/Doctor duo got the woman out of the pod and onto antigrav sled.

They proceeded to leave the Stasis chamber, Thaddeus was speaking calmingly to the woman in order to get her to relax.

"I don't understand... What's happening?" Cenva looked around the space, seeing the lines of faces in filled tanks. Momentarily, she spotted one face that she recognized - Kevin... But, as quickly as she had noticed him, she was swept away on a medical table. "Where are you taking me," she tried to climb down from the bed before the restraints could catch her, but she wasn't quick enough. "Please," she complained, panic ebbed, "What's happening?" she asked again.

"You'll be okay," Talrian said. He suddenly thought he shouldn't have sent his young sergeant away. He would have been better at interacting with people. "Take it from someone who's been there. These people are releasing those trapped in pods and we're trying to figure out what's going on here. The important part, though, is to know you're safe and to relax. We'll have some questions after the doctors make sure you're okay."

Lochlan was glad for Talrian's help in calming his fellow Stasis occupants. He wondered what universe she was from, he had noticed her looking at a specific pod as they went by. He mused that the occupant was someone she recognized and so that decided the next person they'd wake up. He quickly moved into a position as they walked so that the woman could see him. "Welcome back, yes, please relax as we won't hurt you. Just some medical scans to make sure you are okay and we will talk more okay?" Lock asked with a smile.

Cenva gave him a skeptical nod, accepting that she didn't have to talk in the interim. Following the stranger's recommendation to relax was not something she would be able to do easily, however. She worried her fingers along the hem of her shirt, one of the few movements she was allowed on the gurney.

Watching the rows and rows of pods as she moved, she could see that they were filled with people of countless descriptions, but they moved too quickly to focus on the faces. When she came past them the first time - what she thought was mere minutes ago, the capsules had been empty... or had she been too scared to notice? She had decided the place was haunted, so she probably hadn't noticed...

Soon they arrived in the Treatment Center and Thaddeus directed the gurney into an open biobed slot. A recent discovery, some of the biobeds could detach and automatically activated antigrav generators that seemed to be hidden underneath, which once docked with the biobed housings connects with the bed's floor support.

It was all very interesting and advanced for sure, they definitely logged that to be reported to Starfleet Command for development. Lochlan remained in Quint's office while Biraka and Quint checked the woman's physiology for any issues from the Stasis pod, even bloodwork analysis for possible long term predictions.

So far it all seemed good. "I am Doctor Thaddeus Quint, this is..." Thaddeus gestured to Biraka to do his own intro.

"Bennington Biraka," Biraka finished, "I'm a counselor and a medic. What's your name?"

Cenva pursed her lips, contemplating what sort of name to give them. She couldn't think up a new alias quickly. "You can call me Cenva," she answered. "Can I get some water, please?" she ventured to inquire. Her stomach was settling, but the taste of bile remained on her tongue.

"Of course." Biraka headed to the replicator, bringing back a glass of water. Releasing the restraints on the bed, he helped the young woman to a seated position.

Dae scowled a bit before schooling his face to a more neutral expression. "Ma'am, we're discovering many people from different timelines. Some are okay like Captain Bran's. Some were not so good. As members of Starfleet, our mission is to try to make things exceptional for everyone. So, except for the occasional fish slapping, this is a very safe space for everyone."

"Fish slapping?" Talrian muttered, confused by the reference.

"I'm sure you'll learn about that soon enough, Captain," Dae smirked. He turned back to Cenva. "It will be important to know as much as we can about where you're from, how you arrived here and what happened to put you in a stasis pod. It might be a scary story to tell, but again, this is a very safe space."

"Different timelines?" Cenva asked. She had mostly been joking with herself in thinking that the station was haunted, since paranormal events weren't real. And whatever this guy was talking about couldn't be real either. "That's science fiction."

Lochlan chuckled softly. "Unfortunately it's real, aren't we proof? Isn't the station's appearance different then what you are used to? It is to us as the station is not from this timeline that you are in now." He explained, "you don't actually have to believe us, we could take you to the world you are from and you will see the differences maybe even meet yourself."

"Proof? I haven't seen enough of the station to know anything about it... All I know is that I've been abducted," again was the silent completion of that sentence. Her lips pressed together, both stubborn and skeptical.

"Who abducted you?" Lock asked.

"Currently, the evidence points to you," she answered.

"It does look that way, doesn't it?" He sighed, "We didn't abduct you; we found you here." Lochlan shrugged. "How about we wake your companion, as I saw you may have recognised someone in the pods, and then look into locating your ship? I hope this gesture will convince you we are not responsible for this situation."

"It sounds like a possible solution," Cenva conceded.

"Excellent," Lock smiled, "are you able to walk Miss Cenva?" He asked and glanced over at Quint as he could predict the Doctor's objections so soon after bring her out of stasis.

"Commander," Thaddeus spoke up on queue.

Lochlan held a hand up. "Yes Doctor I am aware, though you should come along as we are waking her companion, bring along some of your staff." He said with a wink.

Thaddeus nodded. "Yes sir," he organised a nurse to follow.

Talrian scowled slightly. He'd been made to wait in Medical for some time before he was released but now it seemed more and more they were just bringing people out of the capsules and sending them on their merry way. He tried to shake it off, after all, if anything, he proved that it wasn't generally necessary. At least that was a soothing thought.

The water had helped to settle the queasiness that Cenva was hit with on her waking. Still, she wasn't certain that her footing would be steady as she sat up; however, she was willing to try. "We'll see, won't we?" she asked, accepting the hand of the nurse that approached her side. She slid down to the floor. The height of the bed versus her short stature meant it was a small jump to reach the ground.

Testing out her legs, she took a step, then another. Her legs shook under her at first, then quickly adjusted to her new position. "Let's go," she suggested. She needed to see Kevin, if only to yell at him for suggesting she come on the strange away mission.


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