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Prolonged Stress

Posted on Sat Sep 2nd, 2023 @ 10:59am by Lieutenant Commander Lochlan Noir [GM] & Lieutenant JG Jem Lockley [GM]
Edited on on Fri Jul 5th, 2024 @ 4:11pm

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Mission: Interdimensional Archives
Location: Starbase 616, Docking Terminal, Command Post
Timeline: After "Hatching A Plan Part 2/2"

on (A Day Later)

With Cenva and Kevin added to their working guest list, along with another day passed of somewhat peaceful unsuccessful efforts to regaining full control of their ship, the Righteous which was docked inside the station, the Shadow still had control over the communications, engines and weapons unfortunately. It meant that they were trapped, not to mention that the spacedoors had closed when the hacking began.

Both Lieutenant jg Jem Lockley and Ensign Geno were working at the main consoles at their Command Post just next to the exit of the docking terminal. Several forcefield emitters and phaser turrets had been set up to cover the terminal entrance, it was large double doors which seemed to remain open ever since their arrival.

Geno had attempted to close them along with a few other stronger officers physically using the detachable handles but the doors just opened again a moment later. They were unsure if it was the computer or Shadow doing it. Most of the crew were back on the Righteous considering that not many of them wanted to use quarters on the station yet.

Lochlan meanwhile was seated at the command console observing the corridor beyond the open large double doors however, he wasn't really focused on anything. He had been wondering about the station's and purpose of the Shadowy Figure; why collect people from across many universes and how could they get rid of Shadow or at least trap it- these were only some of the thoughts occupied his attention.

"Moving kind of slow this morning aren't you?" Talrian asked his young medic and remaining member of his team. He kept his voice straight and neutral but there was definitely an undercurrent of alpha jocularity.

"Feeling a bit bloated and this uniform isn't fitting so well," Corvus answered, tugging at the tacvest. "Glad I didn't have to keep wearing the armor, I don't think it would've sealed."

"I told you not to eat them out of replicator stores," Talrian answered, "but you just didn't listen did you?"

"Captain!" Corvus hissed then caught himself. "I told you I was hungry! Three weeks, three weeks of one daily MRE wasn't exactly satisfying or filling!"

"Well, hopefully you've learned your lesson and will moderate more," Talrian said.

Jem approached Corvus having overheard their conversation. "Rations are full of nutrients and good for you though," she offered with a smirk.

"Spoken like someone that hasn't had to eat them for weeks at a time," Corvus said, an automatic reaction before glancing at the speaker and noticing the rank insignia. He shook his head as he let out a sigh. This is what happens when you're stuck with an officer for an extended time frame, you began to forget that you're not on equal terms. Which is why it surprised even him when he heard himself say, "Just try it for a few days and see how much you appreciate them being 'full of nutrients' while still tasting like cardboard."

Jem laughed, and smiled. “Oh yes, I didn’t say they had great taste,” she replied. The science officer gestured at the Petty officer. “The rations are purely nutrients, nothing in them are for flavour hence the cardboard. I swear replicator patterns for new better tasting rations were created before the Dominion War.” Jem frowned. “Wait, did the universe you got stuck in not have assorted flavours ration packs series?”

"They, uh," Jeremy said, shrugging, "didn't have replicators. We'd heard rumors the Feddies were working on something similar, but as far as I know, nothing ever came of it. They couldn't weaponize it, they didn't care about it."

Jem just blinked at him a few times in amazement. "Not even protein synthesizers? Those were back in the 22nd century when the NX class was prime of Starfleet." She ignored the feddies nickname as it was a different universe and so the Federation could have been the bad guys, not something she wanted to think nor ask about.

"Oh, that's what every soldier wants when they get back from a battle. 'Hey, I just can't wait to get a big plate of hot synthesized proteins!'" Jeremy chuckled. "No, really, though, war took up most everything. We think replicators are simple now because of transporter technology and quantum entanglement but it took so much longer to make replicators over transporters because transporters use basic entanglement while replicators use imaginary entanglement. Instead, scientists can spend time trying to find a way to use abundantly available resources to 'end the war' rather than make war less necessary."

"It's too bad the ship we were on was destroyed so quickly," Talrian added, "the amount of advancement the Alliance could have made in such a short time would have been remarkable."

Jem nodded. "I was about to ask about that, my condolences on your crew, rest in peace." She said and performed a Betazoid respecting the dead hand ritual and bowed her head to end it. "I hope they watch over you and keep you both safe."

Talrian and Jeremy exchanged a look but otherwise remained quiet on the subject. The young sergeant, however, let out a sigh and gave a slight, humorless smile.

Lochlan overheard the conversation and was proud of the science officer, he should do the same, he approached a moment later and nodded at Talrian and Corvus. "I too offer my condolences gentlemen. Memories are precious as you know my people keep them in high regard for we are able to pass them onto the next host. If you wish I can forward a report on your ship and crew to Command that you write yourselves commemorating them?" Lock asked with a soft smile.

"Thank you for the offer, Commander," Talrian said, low and neutral, "when it comes to the ship, they can all rot in the cold depths of space wherever they wound up. As for my men, I've already written letters and commendations. When we have communications again, I would appreciate being able to transmit them."

"Consider it done." Lock said and heard a scream from the terminal open double doors.

Meanwhile in the Stasis Chamber

The Shadowy Figure was walking along the rows of stasis pods, it seemed to want to cause more trouble. He tapped at one of the pods and it housed a Dorian Williams which was beginning the warming process. 'Shadow' did a double take and a grunt could be heard if there was anyone nearby.

It quickly cancelled the revival sequence and the pod beeped before resuming stasis. 'Shadow' nodded then continued on to other pods to see who it could introduce to those currently disrupting its plan.

To Be Continued...


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