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A Mission Brief Part 1/3

Posted on Fri Jul 5th, 2024 @ 1:24am by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Lieutenant Ailig Keys [Cronin] & Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris & Lieutenant Commander Rafael Montoya & Lieutenant Commander Paisley F'rar & Lieutenant JG R'naya Riss & Lieutenant JG Aemrialis [Cronin] & Lieutenant JG Ursula Koi [Cronin] & Lieutenant JG Nebuchadnezzar [GM]
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Mission: M2: Culture Shock
Location: En Route to Ledos, 1st day, of 4, of travel at Warp 5
Timeline: After "A Few Arrangements" and "Joining A New Ship Parts 1/2/3"


Cronin's voice came over the combadges of the Senior and Assistant Staff. combadge-projectdelta1"Keys to all chief and assistant chief officers, Mission Brief in 8 minutes, Conference Lounge, Deck 1. Keys out." combadge-projectdelta1

Pioneer's Conference Lounge, Deck 1, 7 minutes later

Cronin sat at the head of the table with Ambassador Ruko Kelleg to his left and Commander Alexander Reeder of the Vigilant to his right. They awaited Keys' senior staff to arrive. He glanced over at Reeder. "Thank you for accepting my call 'Captain'." He said.

"No thank you for picking the Vigilant Captain, I'm so glad to be on a less routine mission. I heard you encountered the Malon and the Benthan Guard."

"Yes," Cronin nodded. "They helped out greatly once we discovered the Malon had attacked their colonies." He omitted the information about the bombs as he wasn't sure that Ambassador Kelleg knew of any of that or was even cleared to know. Cronin turned to Ruko, "it seems we may have further contact with the Benthans soon as they may ask us for assistance in regard to the Malon."

The Joined Trill nodded. "Yes," the Ambassador began. "The Admiral told me about what happened and asked me to prepare for such an occasion. I hope that we can be swift if something does happen." Ruko sounded like he wanted something to happen so they could go meet the Benthans and Malon, well he could. From what Voyager's logs said the Malon were highly uncooperative with looking into clean energy for their world as it would put the waste export industry out of business. He was disgusted by the reports but looked at them as a challenge to see if Federation Diplomatic Corps could convince the fools.

Cronin eyed the Ambassador for a moment longer as if he knew there was more to what the Ambassador meant then what was actually spoken. "As do I but we have another mission from Delta Command and I assume you both haven't been told?"

They both shock their heads in unison.

"Of course, that's my job," Cronin sighed, "well we will have to wait for my officers to arrive and I'll tell you. Hate to have to say it twice." He chuckled.

"Do you expect hostility?" Alexander asked as he leaned back in the chair.

Cronin could see why the question was spoken for why have the Defiant-class Vigilant along if you didn't expect combat. "I'm not ruling it out 'Captain' but I hope it doesn't come to it."

Alexander nodded.

"I will do my best as I assume negotiations and diplomacy are top priority as I am coming along." Ruko added with a smile.

Cronin nodded. "Nailed that one Ambassador." The trio fell silent as they waited.

Rafael entered the lounge with padd in hand, nodding to those already here, taking a seat in the center of the table with his back to the windows. His padd's display altered indicating he had a new item to address. Reviewing the data he saw that his brother was good to his word and had sent the files promised had come in. A broad smile spread over his face and his mouth watered in anticipation of his next meal.

Sadly and without much time to find replacements both Commanders Emma Peel, First Officer, and Devon Nova, Chief of Operations as well as Second Officer, had both resigned. The two were back on Delta Base awaiting reassignment or the first transit back to the Alpha quadrant, though it was several years before it was planned to arrive.

Cronin had been sad about their departure but pushed on and without much time before their new mission started so left and open invitation to any full Commanders the opportunity to apply for Acting Executive Officer.

Thankfully the Alpha shift Boatswain, Nebuchadnezzar, who is a Hermat Hermaphrodite by the age of 45 stepped up to Assistant Chief of Operations until a Chief could be named or transferred in. Zir experience was over many years and so great for the job. The Hermat received a promotion to Lieutenant JG to help zir's appointment, and rather overlooked.

Lieutenant JG Nebuchadnezzar had entered after the Chief Science Officer and greeted those present. "Sirs." Ze made zir way to a chair and sat, a large padd in hand.

The position of Acting Second Officer was as well placed as an open invitation to any Lieutenant Commanders who might believe they can take on the role can apply. Though Bridge duty qualification was a requirement as was a given for XO.

Jason entered the conference room walking straight to his chair, looking around at the others in the room. "Hello everyone." He took a seat on the end of the table laying a padd on the table in-front of him.

Paisley entered behind Jason, her uniform fresh, but the slightest hints of grease were on her face. She was the kind of boss that got her hands dirty alongside her people, instead of just holing up in an office while everyone else got dirty. She had just replicated this uniform, as the one she'd put on this morning was already covered in schmaltz of various forms. She took a seat, quietly, and placed a PADD in front of her. She smiled at the others but didn't say anything yet.

Lieutenant Ailig Keys, pilot, was amongst the last officers to arrive and really no excuse for it but smiled sheepishly at his Captain before taking one of the empty chairs and waiting for the meeting to begin.

Lieutenants Aemrialis and Koi entered last as the Junior Grades had been waiting, outside the lounge at minute 5 of the announced 8 minutes, when their superiors had arrived. They were excited to know that they were going to be included in a senior briefing. It doesn't normally happen on a large starship.

"Hello everyone," Cronin began. "We have our new mission. The Pioneer and Vigilant will be escorting Merchant Marine convoy to Ledos where we will start our trading and Commerce. Delta Command wants us to make as many trading pacts as we can while visiting their world. Voyager's logs of course detailed the Ventu people being safe behind a tetryon energy barrier, though we do have the record of the frequencies Seven of Nine used to disrupt it so should anything happen near it we can quickly respond." He said and looked around the room.

Not the start he'd hoped for after their arrival in the Delta quadrant but at least they were here. Rafael leaned in, "Captain, If memory serves the crew of Voyager sealed a breach in that barrier, against the wishes of the Ledosians. Are we expecting a less than friendly welcome when we arrive?"

"Really, Tetryon particles?" piped up the Engineer. "That's an...interesting choice."

To Be Continued…


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