Then There Were Two... Mission Restart Pending

Posted on Fri Jul 5th, 2024 @ 4:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Lochlan Noir [GM]

Well its just me, acting commanding officer Noir and computer systems consultant Zanzi now. sadface
I asked if Zanzi would like to restart and they agreed so we are. Thanks for staying with me Zanzi!

Any potential players reading this be advised that we will have a timer based awakening from stasis theming for all Alternate Universe characters. It will be randomly selected but all done within a 2 days timeframe. Awakenings will be separate posts however with the acting commanding officer and medical officer npc, of course if any player characters want to be present they can be.

We will do our best to get you into our story. While you wait you can work with me, the GM, on your 'How'd You Get Into Stasis' backpost. This post will be used to explain the Alternate Universe your character came from and potentially give us a baseline to have a mission in your AU should the station return, you will be herded into a stasis pod and then put to sleep. I have a fun way to prevent characters returning to their home universes that will be revealed when we do one of these special missions.

I will be doing a new Mission Start post soon though we will most likely rewrite Zanzi's and her npc companion's awakening posts so stay tuned and hope to sim with you, please join us all senior officer/director positions are open. AU civilians can be granted provisional ranks in order to allow them to be better received by the Prime Starfleet crew that will be supporting Player characters.

Any AU rank systems can be added and applied so don't be afraid to keep non-starfleet ranks.




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by Cenva Zanzi on Sun Jul 7th, 2024 @ 1:29pm

You're welcome. We'll get this going once again. I believe in this game. The potential is great.