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Hatching A Plan Part 2/2

Posted on Tue May 2nd, 2023 @ 12:38am by Lieutenant JG Talrian Bran & Master Warrant Officer Bhen Dae [Bran] & Lieutenant Commander Lochlan Noir [GM] & Lieutenant JG Thaddeus Quint MD [GM]

1,012 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: Enter Starbase 616
Location: Starbase 616, Medical Center
Timeline: After "Wakey Wakey Kevin Part 1/2"


"Define monster," Talrian said while he glared at his young sergeant who was waving a medical tricorder device around him. As usual the young man hadn't asked or told him what he was doing, he just walked up and started doing it.

"If I knew exactly what it was, I wouldn't use a generic term. It creeps and sneaks. And it's not friendly," Cenva answered. She twisted her hands together in worry.

"According to the others and some of my own crew, they saw what looked like a shadowy figure." Lock added to the conversation.

"That's what I saw as well, humanoid but as if a shadow," Talrian answered. "Corvus?"

"Aye, sir, just a shadow, not much else for details. I'd say male based on the shape of the shadow but that's about it. It stayed beyond the stasis fields so I couldn't get to it. Not sure I'd call it a monster in that sense. Definitely cowardly, though." The young medic answered as he moved from Talrian to Noir with the tricorder.

Lochlan frowned. "Hostile indeed, though it seems to be less active now." He smiled, he wasn't going to mention because of his counterpart being the station's original commanding officer yet to the new people until later.

He turned to Kevin and Cenva. "The sooner we get the people out of stasis, and we all leave this station the better, once everyone is awake, we'll assist with getting the docked ships out and go from there. Could I ask that you both help us?" Lock inquired hopefully.

"Considering that we're orphaned from our ship, it's reasonable to help out here... try to figure out what happened or is happening." Kevin answered for the pair. "As long as I'm clear to get up and roam around. Are you in charge then?"

Lochlan nodded. "I am," he replied.

Thaddeus stepped into Kevin's view, facing his patient and brought up a small device. "I'd like to use this monitor to keep an eye on your vitals, but you are free as long as you return should you feel anything less than good, or when the monitor beeps." The doctor smirked.

"Sounds like we're ready to be put to work then. Miss Cenva Zanzi specializes in computer systems. I'm a science officer with a focus on anthropology and archeology," Kevin said. He swung his legs over the side of the bed, ready to leave the medical rooms.

"Thank you, Doctor," Lock said to Thaddeus first then nodded to Kevin before gesturing to the exit.

Thad nodded back and went on to other tasks.

"This way," Lock led Kevin, Cenva, Talrian and Corvus out into the corridor.


The Trill gave the new arrivals both a moment of consideration each. "We could get your help Miss Zanzi with gaining access to the various ships in the docks, while your companion could help translate the various languages on those ships so we can get them out. Or maybe transferred to my ship's shuttlebays, if there's room."

He smiled. "Do you have any suggestions?" Lock asked them all.

"Certainly, will have some, Commander," Talrian answered. "At the moment, I'm just happy to be home." He said it in a manner that didn't inspire confidence he meant it. He glanced at his sergeant when he said it. Corvus just shrugged as he went back to one of the medical monitors where his tricorder data was downloaded. "I am curious, though, why they would kidnap us but also take care of our medical needs?"

Lock did find that odd as well now that Talrian mentioned it. “It could be a whole range of reasons, though I get the feeling those aren’t good ones.” He offered.

"I could start with the station's computer," Cenva suggested. "If you're looking for a modus operandi you're more likely to find the manifesto within the station's log book."

Lochlan didn't think so. "Normally, but since it seems that the Computer and the Shadow are warring with each other, I believe that we won't find anything of the Shadow's intentions in the computer’s memory banks. Well, it could be possible, though I'm not willing to risk your life should it find out you are tinkering around looking for information about it." Lock said in all seriousness. "We aren't sure what capabilities it has and since we don't have full control of the station, we should focus on getting off, once we have everyone out of stasis."

He took a deep breath to calm down. "Apologies Miss Zanzi, please be careful while digging around the computer, any indication that the Shadow is onto you please retreat?" Lock asked, pleading as she wasn't one of his crew and he had no right to order her around.

"The computer and the shadow? Did you name the monster?" she asked. "Or... what do I need to know?"

"It’s a shadowy figure, not quite in focus. Like a malfunctioning hologram," Thaddeus said.

Lochlan chuckled to help brighten the mood. "It seemed that without an actual name, it is stuck with what it looks like for a name: Shadow." He said, "in all honesty I think Shadow is slightly less intimidating than Monster, don't you think?" Lock asked, though now that he had said it out loud, either name had some degree of intimidation.

Cenva scrunched her nose, "Once you name it, you've need to keep it - don't you?"

"I'm not inclined to consider kidnappers as pets," Dae grumbled. "If we can capture whoever is doing this, then they can be caged in the brig. Not in a friendly 'isn't my pet cute' manner either."

"I'd prefer to eliminate whoever is doing this personally, so they won't be able to continue doing this anymore." Lock said. "I'll take you to our command post in the docking terminal, from there we can get you set up securely." He gestured down the corridor and began walking.

“Sounds like a plan,” Kevin said. He clapped a hand on Cenva’s shoulder, “Let’s go.”



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