Getting Some Sunlight

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Mission: Interdimensional Archives
Location: Starbase Biome
Timeline: After "Trouble Comes" and "Wakey Wakey Aspen"


OOC: Welcome Aspen, she'll have some time to adjust before we go in. Insert her wherever you can and like below we can re-write whatever we need to to get both characters into the post.

This time the E-team was Noir, Lockley, Furlong, Quint, Biraka, Targus, Geno, Sprint, several other Security officers, Zanzi and Hatch. Lochlan had ordered Andropov, Dae, Corvus and Bran to supervise the rest of the crew while they secured already explored sections of the starbase.

Though they would be on standby ready to come to E-team's rescue if needed, Noir hoped they'd be okay. Shadow seemed to be pacified since he had given his command code to the computer, though he remained cautious but they had to find out what happened to the station and the people on board.

Soon they were faced with the large doors to the Biome's ground floor. Noir nodded to Sprint and Targus, "Ok, you two go in first," he turned to the trio of Security officers and Furlong. "You four after them, and the rest of us will follow. Go." He ordered, they all had hand phasers while the security and more experienced fighters had phaser rifles. Everyone had Tricorders, Quint and Biraka had a Medical ones so when Lochlan ordered the go, they all had a weapon or tricorder in hand ready.

It was day inside, probably midday if they checked, the oxygen generators had somehow caused some breeze within the Biome to give the illusion of being on a planet. It smelled fresh, though eerie since no one was in the area.

Hatch and Zanzi filtered into the massive green space and Kevin gave a low whistle at the sight. "You don't see something this established in space - ever." With his tricorder forgotten momentarily, he instead took in the scenery without the analysis that the technology could provide. One particular plant caught his eye a short distance in from the entrance. Zanzi found herself juggling his tricorder along with hers as Kevin freed his hands to investigate closer.

The rare oak, he had only ever seen as a petrified artefact. His fingers traced the trunk down to the spreading root system. He had one word, "Amazing."

"Hey there," Sprint came over to Kevin and Cenva. "I'm going to assign two officers to watch your backs, we are heading over there into the Civilian Residences, Commercial and Entertainment facilities," he said as he gestured to the small city.

"We'll come along," Kevin said while he took his tricorder back. "And I'll try to be less distracted."

Just in earshot, Noir called out. "Let's go, Targus, Sprint your on point. Security on rear guard."

"Quick take your samples and let's go, until we have the facilities secured we should stay together." Sprint said he turned but looked over his shoulder.

"I'll come back later," Kevin decided. "It's a tree, it won't be going anywhere. Safety first."

"Aye," Sprint agreed as the two caught up. "I suggest you two get ready for anything," he said and gestured for them to go inside the Security team's circle before he nodded and made his way to the front of the group.

The eeriness of the empty biome seemed more pronounced as they entered the city of Civilian Residences, Commercial and Entertainment facilities main entrance. Shops were open, lights on, even soft advertisements played across several displays along the concourse. Sounds from the buildings were mostly absent but for the soft breeze of the air circulation systems.

Of course the sounds of Tricorders added to the breeze, still the feel of emptiness and eeriness grew. Well for Noir it was. He observed his crew and could tell that most were in the same emotional arena as he by the apprehension on their faces. He had yet to look back at Cenva and Kevin.

Commercials were mostly at the front of the city as signs and storefronts occupied the immediate area. Noir saw Sprint had his rifle up and pointing in every direction as many times as he could manage. The others with weapons doing the same, him included. Tricorders still didn't pick up on any life signs anywhere in range.

Kevin walked up to one of the first shops on the approach. A kiosk table stood outside the front door, displaying a sample of the shop's wares. A few hats and knickknacks of cats in various poses. "Catering to either cat lovers or Caitian enthusiasts..." he commentated as he pointed to the objects. "What do you want us to do, Boss? Look for bodies or raid the loot?"

The security officers exchanged a look of several emotions then one of them spoke up. "What are you, a gamer?" The officer said, though a quick small tug at the corner of their lips betrayed them if spotted.

"Why does it look like that nothing has happened here," the other officer said as they looked around. All the products were neat and tidy, all the walls and floors were clean, too clean the officer wanted to comment but didn't.

"Gaming is a past time," Kevin answered. "Archeology is a passion."

The officer nodded and they all continued to investigate the commercial city. Soon they reached the central park where a fountain should be active but it wasn't. That had to be the first sign that something was wrong, very wrong. Lochlan called everyone to form up into a circle. He decided not to mention the wrongness first off. "Okay people looks like we have much to check out and we should do it quickly. Break off into pairs, anyone left over make trios and pick a direction in the city, make sure you have each other in sight at all times, meet back here in 2 hours. Stay safe, emergency safe point in the turbolift hub." Lock instructed, he'd go with anyone who was left over.

There was Ensigns Geno, Furlong and Targus, himself, Lieutenants Lockley, Sprint, Biraka and Quint, civilians Nova, Hatch and Zanzi. 11 all up so there would be a trio. He wondered about who'd go with who.

Kevin Hatch was the first to move as he scanned the group and chose a new face that he hadn't met before. Approaching, he reached out a hand in greeting to the blue-eyed woman, He couldn't place all of her racial traits, but her eyes said "Aenar" to him. With her glasses, he gathered that her eyes worked. "Hey," he said by way of friendly greeting, "do you come here often?"

(tag Nova)

Biraka sided up to Targus. In this alien structure, he wanted to stay close to someone who could defend him. Especially since he didn't know what they were looking for. He trusted that Anastasia would be able to defend him against any surprises.

"Hi," Anastasia greeted the counselor slash medical officer with a smile, she eyed him. "Are you scared?" She teased, though she was certain that he'd pick up on her apprehensiveness in no time. She had her phaser out and nearly looking in every direction but facing Biraka as he approached her.

"What gave it away?" he asked, his grin was anything but confident.

"Cause I am as well." She replied, though Anastasia took a deep breath as she recalled all her security training and she decided to lead the way. "Let's go."

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Cenva Zanzi huffed as the only familiar person abandoned her. She looked around but didn't make a move to pair up with any of the strangers. Her default was to have people tell her what to do and where to go. And her instincts were telling her she should pick leaving the place all together. She turned toward the distant door where they had entered, scanning the surrounding structures, looking for the looming dark figure that she was certain was watching her. For the moment, the shadows weren't moving - at least, not where she was looking.

Sprint came up to Cenva, he had decided to protect her as he saw her companion go off to talk to their newest awaken friend. "Hey, shall we?" He asked and gestured that they pair up.

"Uh, sure..." she tried to give him a friendly smile while looking up to study his face. "I don't know how to use a phaser... Well, I know how it works, but I'm not good at it," she clarified.

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Furlong went with Geno and that left Lochlan, Lockley and Quint for the teams. The additional 3 security officers separated to join those who didn't have any security. One went with Hatch and Nova, another with Furlong and Geno while the last one followed behind Quint who was a step behind Lockley and their 'commanding officer'.

The group split off into smaller teams to explore the citylike Civilian Residences, Commercial and Entertainment facilities. It seemed like it was divided into districts and they entered it from the Commercial area.

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GM Notice: Since we lost all but two of us, we decided to restart the mission. So all of the previous established posts are archived.



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